Reply to an email.

Dear Mr Chapman

Thanks for your email regarding the two political plug ins on this blog, I hope this serves to clarify the situation.

I have friends who have been seriously affected by a Local Internet Troll and his blog, ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’, The persons responsible for this blog on the evidence I have seen are, Nigel Roberts Llandudno’s Newsagent of the same name, David Jones MP for Clwyd West and Dylan Moore of David Jones Solicitors, Trinity Square, Llandudno, amongst others.

I as a member of the Labour Party could only ever vote for Labour but cannot support Aberconwy’s candidate, Mary Wimbury, as she appears on social media to have a close relationship with Mr Roberts. I am not sure if you are familiar with the whole ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ mess but if you are then perhaps you will understand where I am coming from.

Guto Bebb I am told has been extremely supportive of Mr Roberts Victims, even to the extent of highlighting the issue in the House Of Commons. I will not vote for Guto Bebb on political principal but will show support because of his help for these people.

As for the issue of Labours Clwyd West candidate, Gareth Thomas, he is standing against David Jones, who from the evidence presented to me has been a clear supporter and contributor to the ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ blog. Let me Clarify.

I have listened to recordings of David Jones trying his uttermost to convince a member of the group, of his absolute non involvement with that blog.

I have also listened to a recording of Dylan Moore, David Jones’s business partner admitting that David Jones was a regular author on the blog, so I am convinced David Jones is not only heavily involved but also unsure of how to tell the truth.

So unfortunately because I live in the Aberconwy ward I cannot vote on principal, I cannot support someone who converses at such a level with Mr Roberts especially as she herself was lambasted on his blog.

On the other hand I would gladly lend my hand to helping Gareth Thomas’s campaign.

I hope this serves to clarify my position.