Good News.

My wife’s sister in law who is now in her early forty’s has suffered with chronic arthritis for at least twenty years, because of this she has periodically been wheelchair dependant. In addition she has had to manage life with immovable and twisted fingers and put up with considerable pain.

This is a lady who for as long as I have known her I have never once heard her moan, she constantly smiles and she has never let her condition affect her own life or the life’s of her husband and daughter.

Last year this lovely lady was diagnosed with having a blood clot on her brain, as a family it would be fair to say we have been dreading the worst, having the blood clot is bad enough in itself but it also brought additional problems. It caused her to suffer weight loss and for a period of time she lost her sight, but this lady is a fighter and we have just received the news that although the blood clot is not completely gone its size has reduced quite considerably making it easier to manage, allowing her to do much more including flying.

Basically she has had the all clear. She will unfortunately have to put up with her arthritic condition for the rest of her life but we are so pleased she is on the mend in other ways.

Good news.