Disabled Children.

This post has been provided by a close friend.

I feel its time I wrote about my little boy, my wife has blogged about our son on a regular basis but for me its been quite difficult, I put that down to anger and disappointment, not because our son is disabled, never because of that, no , its because of a particular nasty group of people and North Wales Police.

Nearly eight years ago my wife gave birth to our youngest child, Makis, a lovely little boy who from almost day one lit our life up with a constant smile.

Makis when ever and where ever he was would always have a big beaming smile for us, whether in his cot or on a swing he was always smiling.

Makis’s first couple of years did not really indicate that he had disabilities and it was not until he was three that we started to have concerns. Makis had not started to speak by the time he was three, we were not initially concerned because his elder sister was late with her speech so thought Makis was developing in the same way. By three and a half Makis had still not started to communicate verbally, he would communicate with his eyes and by making squeaking sounds.

we took our concerns about Makis to our doctor who then referred him to a paediatric consultant, soon after Makis was diagnosed with Verbal Dyspraxia, in simple terms that meant he understood most of what we were saying but his brain did not function in the correct way when it came to him forming any kind of understandable reply.

Since Makis was first diagnosed with Dyspraxia he has been diagnosed with various other disabilities but on a positive note he has received excellent health care and continues to do so, his speech is so much better but his other difficulties are likely to remain with him for the duration of his life.

So why am I telling you all this? its not as though our son is on his own when it comes to his disabilities, he is one of thousands of young children suffering from various disabilities and alements.

I am telling the story of our lovely little boy because of a nasty group of small minded people behind the now defunct TROLL BLOG, ‘Thoughts Of Oscar, that decided to attack disabled children and their parents.

They stated on social media and with the protection of anonymity that and I quote “parents of disabled children are selfish for bringing these children into the world and disabled children are nothing but a drain on society”, this surely is a hate crime and a disgraceful thing to say.

The persons responsible for these comments are:

David Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, publisher of the TROLL BLOG, ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’

David Jones MP for Clwyd West and owner of David Jones Solicitors on Trinity Square In Llandudno, and Solicitor for many years to David Nigel Roberts.

Dylan Moore, Solicitor and business partner of David Jones MP.

David Nigel Roberts aka Nigel Roberts aka Oscar is the only one of the above three to take responsibility of that disgraceful blog, but has never apologised for his disgusting actions.

All three of the above have been reported to North Wales Police, DS John Hanson oversaw an investigation into the vile comments made by the authors of the blog, believe you me the comments against disabled children and their parents were bad enough but nothing compared to the majority of comments published by the authors.

DS John Hanson concluded that the evidence he could find did not cross the threshold for prosecution, when I challenged him on his conclusions especially relating to the comments about disabled children, John Hanson responded by saying, “Well those comments might have been offensive to you but anyone else reading them would not be offended”, this left me flabbergasted, I just could not believe a man in his position let alone anyone could say such a thing, thus giving the likes of the three above licence to print any kind of hateful comments they so choose.

These people used this horrible blog to inflict harm and stress on who ever they saw fit to and have been allowed to get away with it and continue to do so.

Our son is an absolute blessing, he is kind, loving and extremely clever, he never stops smiling and brings joy to all around him.

The three above Trolls and North Wales Police should be ashamed and brought to task.

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  1. It seems this post has hit a raw nerve, I have had four comments sent to me regarding this post, all of which are very offensive, sent under anonymity and not worthy for publishing, they also came from the same ip address and have been passed on to the authorities. Nigel Roberts just cannot help himself.

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