Long Memories.

Have you ever lived and worked in the City?? any City, London, Manchester, Liverpool it does not matter, I have, its completely different from living here in the beautiful area of Conwy and Llandudno.

In the City generally speaking people do not notice you and if they do you hope its for the right reasons! Let me explain.

The City is a busy bustling place and quite delightful especially when it comes to eating out etc, but like everywhere it has its social problems, naturally on a larger scale than areas like ours.

If you are deemed to have crossed the line by upsetting, bullying or harassing folk those effected don’t bother with the authorities (doing so can make matters worse) to help solve any issues, they deal with it themselves and or with the help of others, their methods are normally swift and often brutal, but that’s generally problem solved. See in the City you know where you stand.

Unfortunately the above is a fact of life.

Living here is completely different, the pace of life is slower, there are a lot less social problems and its a lovely area for raising a family or even retirement and that’s why we as a family returned home to this area, for our children!

There is always a down side, there is the small town mentality, a clichĂ© I know, but it does exist. There are those here that believe if you are not a local then go away, you cant progress you have nothing positive to add and you don’t speak our language. (We are Local).

These people are in a minority but they do exist and that can have a negative impact, not just on those of us who are made to feel like that but on the many visiting tourists that this area needs and relies upon, in my profession I have often found this the case, many visitors have voiced their concerns, rightly or wrongly it does not matter, what does matter is it can have a very negative effect.

In my experience the people who are the worst for projecting this mentality are those few locals that have healthy bank balances (mostly inherited) therefore not reliant on the much needed revenue supplied by tourism.

The worst of these are the kind of people who will not tell you face to face their dislikes or prejudices but instead use the safety of social media to make the life’s of others a misery. These cowards are often well connected within the local business community  and generally have the support of friends in authority, giving them the confidence that they can carry on with this type of vile behaviour without fear of retribution.This confidence can and will eventually lead to their undoing.

when one is seemingly allowed to behave in this manner and get away with it their confidence grows and their bullying/harassing behaviour just gets worse, which results in their victims possibly taking actions they would not normally consider.

Long Memories.