The General Election.

It’s Our Choices Next Thursday That Determine Our Future!

With less than a week to go before we go to the polls is the race hotting up? I feel personally it is stagnating, a lot of people I have spoken to feel unsure as to which way they should cast their vote.

My choice is always easy, I will always vote Labour, it does not matter in the least to me who is heading the socialist ship, I do not feel like I have to like someone to know which direction I cast my vote, I try to see the bigger picture and what I believe to be best long term for the ordinary hard working people of the UK and for the children of today and tomorrow.

The money janglers, most of who have inherited their financial status, will always be cocooned in their safe environment and mostly will always and only ever look out for themselves and their own kind.

They care nothing for the lives of ordinary working folk, they have no understanding or concept of real life, of what it is like to go without, of struggling to pay bills or clothe their family, let alone feed them properly.

Fancy food expensive cars, clothing, jewellery, holidays, their own homes and the ability to heat their homes all year round if they so wish. All that is the norm to the people fortunate enough to be in that position.

The divide between the wealthy and the poor has grown so much, many working folk can ill afford any of the above.

What about our NHS? the Tory’s have quietly been privatising it for the last five years and quite deliberately creating chaos within, in order to brain wash the populous into believing a better health service is one that is run by the private sector…….RUBBISH.

Look at the results of the last lot of Tory privatisation from the 80’s and 90’s, the right to buy for example, yes it sounded great, anyone could afford to buy their own home and many did.

Thousands of homes purchased via the right to buy scheme were very quickly repossessed, for many reasons.

The 80’s were a time of high unemployment and extreme poverty for many, those people in areas effected  who brought under the right to buy, soon found they could no longer afford the mortgage payments, resulting in the loss of their property.
Some folk just simply could not manage their finances and the results were just the same.

Then came the financial crash of the early 90’s, mortgage rates soared leaving many more people unable to maintain their mortgage payments. What happened to the majority of these repossessed homes? they were sold off cheep via auction houses to the waiting property moguls who in turn have made fortunes as a result.

A clever ruse by Thatcher and her government I believe.

Then there is the privatisation of our utility companies, The Tory’s very cleverly sold it to us, telling us that as a result of privatisation commercial competition would improve our services and drive prices down……………..quite the opposite has happened. The services are poor to say the least with little emphasis put toward reinvestment in the very infrastructure of each utility service, instead a huge emphasis put on keeping shareholders happy resulting in spiralling costs leaving many unable to heat their homes.

Transportation, another public sector industry sold off to the private sector with promises of better and more services, especially in rural areas and again prices being driven down by commercial competition, what a load of twaddle.

Rural services have been reduced so much so that they are practically non existent and again costs have gone through the roof.

Do I believe Milaband is any better than Cameron? not really no, they are both of a similar ilk, but I am not voting for Milaband I am Voting for Labour who I believe are the only real choice for the ordinary hard working masses.

3 thoughts on “The General Election.”

  1. You're right. I hope that many, many local people will join you in voting for Mary Wimbury, our Labour candidate, on Thursday. She has a good brain, but plenty of human warmth too. She'll be a fine representative of this area in Westminster.

  2. Mary impressed both my wife and myself, she took the time to come and meet us at my request a few Sundays ago, for me that say a lot about a persons character.

  3. I have met Mary several times, that is to say officially, she really is delightful, when she is elected I hope she can prove her worth for Aberconwy.

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