Gary Burchett Has Done A Bunk.

Rumourz Has It…….

It’s come to our attention here at Mr Llan/Mr Tacsi HQ that the chairman of the Aberconwy conservatives has resigned.
This doesn’t come as a great shock to those who have been following the drama from the local conservatives, infighting and backstabbing are a way of life for some it would seem.
One has to wonder why Mr Burchett felt the need to leak his correspondence between Guto Bebb and himself, but not surprising if the rumourz about Mr Burchett’s employer are to be believed, it would seem that this attempt in besmirching Guto’s reputation has back fired and he really is an idiot.
Thanks to my good friend Mr Llandudno for letting me use this story.

5 thoughts on “Gary Burchett Has Done A Bunk.”

  1. Burchetts a whalley, he has a high opinion of himself, his staff can not abide him, his wife seems nice.

  2. The Conservatives are leaking like a sieve. No doubt the press will pick this up and there will be something in the Daily Post on Thursday.

  3. Burchett or Birdshit as his conservative colleagues refer to him, is an obnoxious pratt and up his own bum, Guto Bebb had his measure.

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