Defeat Is Not The End.

What does not kill you makes you stronger.

Its a sad day not just for Aberconwy and Clwyd West but for the whole nation.

My commiserations to Gareth Thomas and Mary Wimbury alike, do not give up.

We cannot make people vote but if we are to change our government we need the populous to vote, last night that did not happen, maybe because people feel that low and downtrodden that they think what is the point.

You cannot change anything by sitting on your backside,  my future will see me campaigning against the tyranny of Conservatism.

My battle against the corrupt and greedy will never cease and more importantly I shall continue for justice against internet Trolls and their accomplices.

Beat me down and I will come back stronger,

lie about me and the truth will out, 

use your cronies in authority to manipulate the law and I will serve justice upon you,

I am not going away, I am here to stay

Richie Windmill.