Written By A Friend.

Sssh – let sleeping dogs lie.

The last week has been remarkably quiet on the Trolling front. 

Doesn’t appear that there have been any of the usual insults, lies and harassment on the local Blogs, Forums or Twitter.

Instead there has been the movement of heavy boots with a lot of unexplained activity from the Police.

Retailers have been spoken to both inside and outside their premises.

Top class BMW’s have been seen standing silent and resplendent in Police compounds and live bodies whisked off to St Asaph Police  Headquarters.

Unfortunately we cannot tell you who, or why there have been these mysterious happenings, but the ever active Press will, no doubt, end up with the stories as soon as they discover who to ask.  We will leave them to put you out of your misery!

For those who are usually at the receiving end of the nasty, vile and vexacious posts, it is a welcome respite even though one tends to continue looking over ones shoulder, ever watchful for a return of the Trolls.