The Injustice of North Wales Police.

Justice, what is justice? simply put, ‘just behaviour or treatment’.

This should be the just practice of all those responsible for the administration of our laws, but unfortunately it is not.

The ‘Thoughts Of Oscar Blog’ is a topic talked about by many, I have blogged about it several times so I will try not to bore the reader with previously mentioned comments.

This post is simply to point out the different ways in which North Wales Police and the CPS administer Justice, not according to the alleged crime but according to the person/persons accused.

To summarise the situation between North Wales Police the CPS and the authors responsible for the publication of the demised Troll Blog ‘Thought’s Of Oscar‘.

As I have previously stated ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ held a seven year campaign of harassment intimidation, threatening behaviour and the casting of hurtful or abusive comments that may cause distress to those they are aimed at. The later is a public order offence under section 5 of the public order act 1986.

The above is not something that happened once or twice during that troll blog’s seven year reign, no it happened hundreds of times to many many people even serving officers of North Wales Police and their families, much of which was reported to North Wales Police and supported with evidence printed directly from the blog and its associated twitter account.

North Wales Police refused to act against the blog or its authors each and every time a complaint was brought to them.

Even after the blog was exposed in the House Of Commons last year and the main author Mr David Nigel Roberts Of Nigel Roberts News Agents In Llandudno, took responsibility for the publication of the blog (see my last post The truth will out, one should never give up),

Again North Wales Police refused to act against the blog and its authors, despite being ordered by the chief Police commissioner to investigate all the complaints they previously refused to act upon. Why?

Here are a few of the worrying comments published by David Nigel Roberts, on that blog:

1, “he needs a cap up his arse” this was directed at Billy King an ex local driven out of the area by the blog, and an openly homosexual man, the comment made if googled shows it to be a homophobic hate comment.

2, “Creamer is a drug pusher and a rapist” both comments wholly untrue and published during a criminal trail with the sole purpose of trying to effect the Jury, Incidentally these comments were ordered to be removed by the presiding judge. 

3, “Parents of disabled children are selfish for bringing them into this world as disabled children are a drain on society”.

In the interest of getting to the point I have just published these 3 very mild by comparison with many others but still very worrying and hurtful.

Two weeks ago the spokesman for the ‘Victims Of Oscar’, (a group set up for the support of all the ‘Thoughts Of Oscars’ victims), was aggressively confronted by the publisher of that blog and his wife whilst he, the spokesperson was out walking with his son.

The Blogs author and his wife then reported the spokesperson to North Wales Police, for being aggressive to them and casting hurtful comments.

Seven days later the spokes person for Victims Of Oscar, was arrested at his home, his mobile phone confiscated, then he was detained for 10 hours during which time he was questioned about the alleged offence.

The spokesperson asked if they had CCTV evidence proving his quilt, they did, and when it was viewed it clearly showed the aggressors to be the author of the blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar‘ and his wife.

The police realising their mistake then dropped the original charge of harassment under  section 4 of the harassment act, instead they are now charging him with a public order offence under section 5 of the public order act, saying their evidence for this is statements made by the author of the ‘Thoughts Of Oscar‘ and his wife stating that the spokesperson said hurtful things to them, he of course did not.

The point is after seven years of complaints against the ‘Thoughts Of Oscar‘ blog and its authors and with mountains of supporting evidence North Wales Police have never pursued the authors, they never even questioned David Nigel Roberts, after he admitted to being the blogs main author, let alone confiscated his phone, WHY?

Yet the spokesperson of ‘Victims Of Oscar‘ is arrested taken away and has his phone confiscated for something that the CCTV evidence clearly shows he is not guilty of and he is now being charged with a public order offence on the words of the author of the Troll blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar‘ and his wife.

Something is clearly not right and questions need to be asked at the highest level.

North Wales Police we know used the ‘Thoughts Of Oscar‘ blog and its authors as a source of information passed both ways, we know this because the victims are in possession of a taped confession by the solicitor of the author of the blog stating just that. Is this why they refuse to act? Or is there something more sinister.

The ‘Victims Of Oscar‘ will carry on campaigning to get North Wales Police to act justly for all, and  once and for all, to bring to justice those responsible for the Thoughts of Oscar blog.

They will not go away just because you want them to, this is a disgraceful situation brought about by corrupt people.

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