Mr Llandudno.

Mr Llandudno, who is Mr Llandudno? Its a question that a lot presume to know the answer.

The Late great Alex Munro was affectionately known as Mr Llandudno after settling in the area but Mr Munro unfortunately passed away in 1986, if your a believer in reincarnation then perhaps our present Mr Llandudno is one and the same.

So who is this mysterious chappie causing so much consternation to a worried group of individuals all associated with that awful Troll Blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Mr Llandudno only appeared on the social media scene last summer and from what I have read of his posts he seems to be busy deflecting the negativity and darn right nastiness being created by the very worried people previously mentioned.

Mr Llandudno also occupies himself with local matters and events providing good balanced information for his/her readership.

Mr Llandudno does not occupy his time looking to bring turmoil and trouble to the life of others, as was the the case with the now demised blogs ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, ‘Llandudno malice in wonderland’, ‘Rhos on sea glory lost’, ‘Colwyn Bays last stand’ and last but not least, their latest disgusting blog, ‘CSI Llandudno’, making some out to be paedophiles, tarts, liars, fraudsters you name it and all these blogs were born to attack those of us that have already suffered years of abuse by the authors of ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ which was published by David Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno.

These Blogs were supported by a mass of Twitter and Facebook accounts, such as Iolomorganwg, seagritter, ormefoxsteve, wendy1, Nigel Roberts1, Athol Wilson, jslater_slater and so on, all these accounts again were born to attack the authors previous victims. 

So the merry go round continues and Mr Llandudno remains a mystery, what a clever chap/chapess hey!
Here follows a list of accused candidates: 
1, Richie Windmill
2, Craig Ollerton
3,Adrian Eagleshiem,
4, Guto Bebb,
5, David Cameron,
6, Nigel Farage,
7, Boris Johnson,
I am sure you get the picture, whoever is responsible for the blog and Twitter Accounts for Mr Llandudno, may they rule supreme.

2 thoughts on “Mr Llandudno.”

  1. If the truth is known it is probably yet another of Nigel's alter egos. Or one of his blog helpers like a female journalist, an undertaker, a photographer, a car dealer, a caterer, a restauranter, or even old Uncle Tom Cobley and all!

  2. Since there hasn’t been a single post on the blog since June 3rd, does it really matter who it is/who it was?

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