The Truth, Some Just Don’t Like It.

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David Jones: along with £3,155 for stamp duty and legal fees, he claimed £112 for a Dyson vacuum cleaner in his London home and £119 for a trouser press. Ivory curtains from Heal’s were £356, while furniture from the shop was £387

David Jones MP is trying to get the writer of this article prosecuted for publishing false statements about him on the internet during the last election period, the writer has only every published the truth, especially when it comes to Mr Jones continual denials set out below

David Jones MP denies any involvement of the Thoughts of Oscar troll blog, why? 

Why Does Dylan Moore his long term business partner confirm David Jones was a regular contributor to the Thoughts of Oscar blog.
Please listen to this recording, we have full transcripts of these conversations if any reader would like them.

Clwyd West MP and new Welsh Secretary David Jones £140,981.

2 thoughts on “The Truth, Some Just Don’t Like It.”

  1. There are many who will back up all the past, recent and future Statements made about David Jones MP, ex Welsh Secretary in the last Government and relieved of his post by the Prime Minister well before the end of the Parliament. As he has been re-elected, he and everyone else, may rest assured that he will be watched extremely closely, every movement noted and every expense scrutinised. Not harassment, Mr Jones, just making sure you represent us in the manner to which we are entitled.

  2. On 14 November 2014, David Jones MP claimed £2.70 for a 6 mile journey from his home to Upper Colwyn Bay and back. One would think that with the massive salary and expenses, an MP could afford to pay for such small items out of their own pocket or it it a case of "If I am entitled to claim, I will get every penny I can." Suppose it helps tp pay for entertainment when staying in London.

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