The Unveiling Of Those Behind ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ 2013

David Jones MP for Clwyd West says he had never had anything to do with the troll blog Thoughts of Oscar in anyway at all: his words.

Oscar Part 1

First published on February 3rd 2013.
Oscar, Oscar, Oscar, who is Oscar?
Now how many folk have had that very thought whizzing around their minds and how many would love to know the answer?
Is Oscar male or female? Some have surmised it must be a certain newsagent in Llandudno, some say a legal beagle on or near Trinity square! Lets face it there are many assumptions as to the identity of this cad, this anonymous righter of rights, this wooden spoon wielding warrior hiding behind anonymity, I find it all very intriguing & amusing!
Like many if us Oscar has his (lets assume he’s a he) quirks he uses his very disgusting troll blog (Thoughts of Oscar) to tackle a whole range of issues, from bullying (of which he is guilty himself, especially when it comes to PC Mike Smith & his wife!!!) to political issues.
Oscar uses his Twitter account @ThoughtsofOscar to publicise his blog (as do many of us) but he’ll also use’s it to influence others on the issue of individuals such as @Jon_lundstram, which I think is wholly unfair, this type of behaviour makes him more of a contradiction than a people’s champion!!!
Would the world be a better place for his unmasking? Is he some kind of twisted Zorro? With his wooden spoon as his sword or is he more of a Bruce Wayne, watching over the good folk of Llandudno & Conwy, batting away the individuals who cause him concern? Or is he simply a bit of a joker, mixing it up to keep us on our toes?
This is a person with time on his hands, time certainly to keep himself abreast of the comings and goings, especially when it comes to the local Council & Councillors (all council employees are allegedly banned from viewing his blog during office hours).
When he’s not on his travels he’s pretty much office bound, mischief making & drum banging.
Oscar, Oscar, Oscar what a conundrum you are?!

Oscar Part 2

First published 6th February 2013
Well, since the publishing of my first post regarding this anonymous blogging, Tweeting scoundrel, I have had quite a response from many people of a similar mind both via my blog & DM’s on my Twitter account and I’m somewhat surprised at this response although pleasantly pleased with the extra footfall to my little blog!!!
The original blog post was meant to be a light hearted ribbing of Oscar, brought about by his ability to detract from constructive discussions of various issues to being darn right nasty & personal toward others especially those not in the public eye (although that’s not a reason to get personal with those who are)!!
It would be true to say I have had a rapport with Oscar in the not so dim & distant past as per his latest Tweets but having discussed the issue of Christmas decorations/lights in Llandudno & asking for assistance to improve things for this Christmas from anyone interested & receiving quite a positive response (@Jon_lundstram being one of the many). Oscar got extremely personal where Jon was concerned, DMing me to that effect. This kind of behaviour I cannot accept & find it very concerning!
I went on to do some digging & found a pattern of this kind of abuse both on Oscars blog & his Twitter timeline.
As a response to my original blog, Oscar has since got personal regarding myself & family even going down the route of using dummy Twitter accounts to wind the situation up.
Oscar’s response to the issue of his outing could cause me to be equally as negative & overly sensitive as he obviously is, for me personally that’s not the way forward and I find that kind of mentality very boring.

Oscar Part 3

First published 19th Feb 2013.
The trails and tribulations of Oscar and co!
Removing Oscars mask has been interesting and intriguing mainly down to the fact that the man behind the mask is somebody I thought better of, but the more I dug the more I realised how wrong I could be!
It’s only fair to point out at this stage that Oscar himself is assisted by a few like minded individuals or should I say individuals with certain interests, political interests maybe or business interests these are only assumptions of course!! And any individuals I may mention, I have no concrete proof of their involvement in Oscars blog.
If you read the blog you will see that Oscar attacks certain people with extreme enthusiasm, like a dog with a bone! Darren Miller MP (Windy Miller or shagger Miller in Oscar’s words) for example, blimey he even ripped into him for visiting a fire station, Guto Bebb MP is another regular target for Oscar’s venom but do we ever see anything nasty or vindictive regarding David Jones MP? No we don’t, not even when Mr Jones stated that gay couples were incapable of raising a child, a worthy topic to blog about for one so interested in our local and national MPs!
Now for some time I was convinced that the person behind Oscar was Trinity square based, as so many of Oscars tweets and some of his blogging is relative to the goings on in that area, for example JW Hughes have had a fair bashing where as Gamlins appear to be left alone. Now could I surmise that that’s because a certain Solicitor at Gamlins is close with the man behind the mask.
Then of course David Jones MP has a practice in that area as well & one of his staff Dylan Moore, who I believe are both closely linked to the man behind the mask, coincidences maybe!!!
Oscar has been relentless with his ripping of CCBC and our local town council (could it be that he holds a grudge, because not that many moons ago he & interested parties were refused planning permission on a property he owns/owned in Conwy?) (incidentally Councillor Joan Vaughan was party to that particular meeting and Oscar clearly dislikes her) that was until recently though, strangely his information appears to have dried up! Is this because a local councillor closely associated with him recently moved on? Again, this is just speculation!!!!
What I’m most disappointed in when it comes to Oscars Blog and twitter account is that it was at one time an interesting and humorous read but when his attacks on others became more and more personal, even dragging family members into things then it became something twisted and bitter, silly really.
So now we come to Oscar himself it did not take much digging or cyber jiggery pokery to pinpoint the locality/origins of much of the stuff uploaded onto his blog, although he has taken precautions to make this difficult it is by no means impossible!! Then after studying much of his ramblings you discover patterns, for example at one time the Blue Bell public house in Conwy came in for a regular bashing (some might say”a well deserved bashing” but that’s another story), the late father of the man I believed to be Oscar had a business and flat opposite, and a similar liking for stirring the pot, coincidence you might say.
Where did he come up with the name “Oscar”? It was the name if his father’s dog!
Much of Oscars time is spent in his office at the rear of his premises, which is kitted out like something from a “Isaac Asimov” novel, he has staff available for the day to day running of his business plus a daily assortment of news material to hand, when he’s out and about much of his tweeting comes via his iPhone5. This is a man clearly with time on his hands, unfortunately rather than using this time positively, much of it is used for the spewing forth of negative and defamatory blogging, hence the reason for my desire to unmask this scoundrel!!
Oscar is a coward like all those who hide behind a curtain whilst throwing stones and if anyone looks to closely he uses his connections (political or otherwise) to make life difficult, so am I to expect the cowards touch?
I believe Oscar to be none other than David Nigel Roberts.