David Jones MP for Clwyd West.

This post was sent by my good friend Mr Llandudno.


Now that the dust has settled from the general election some interesting stories have appeared in the press about the expenses that our elected members of the house claim,http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3095142/Labour-leadership-favourite-Andy-Burnham-slammed-claiming-17-000-year-rent-London-flat-despite-owning-nearby.html

A reader sent in this little snippet for us to gander at:

David Jones claimed £2.70…..could he not afford to pay it himself? Did he really need to claim this paltry amount? 
Or is he just a big meanie?

2 thoughts on “David Jones MP for Clwyd West.”

  1. That is nothing compared to an expense lodged for 21/10/14, when a claim wa made for 90 pence for the purchase of a BAR OF SOAP, FOR THE CONSTITUENCY OFFICE. Must be clean living people!

    And the one lodged for 31/8/14 for £7.50 in respect of 4 water glasses, also to furnish the office. Wonder what they used for the previous years, coconut shells maybe.

    Does all this stuff like Dyson vacuums, furnishing etc have to be given back if they don't get re-elected? Or does it then become a taxable benefit?

  2. I had a look at some of the stuff and he seems to have us paying for a lot of newspapers and mags.

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