Gary Burchett, What A Pratt.

I have known Gary Burchett for sometime he has always struck me as a pompous fool and his actions/words help to back that up.

Let me explain, if you’re going to make comments about a person especially a person who clearly has much more integrity and intelligence than yourself, as in the case of Burchett  attacking Guto Bebb, then be prepared for the inevitable backlash!

Burchett in the above article implies that  Bebb is only interested in himself and not the party, perhaps we should have a better understanding of where all this animosity toward Mr Bebb comes from.

As many of you are aware last September 9th Guto Bebb revealed the identities of some of the authors behind the Troll Blog Thoughts of Oscar, during his house of commons speech, which upset the likes of David Jones MP for Clwyd West, who  Bebb implied was involved with the blog and it also upset Mr Jones’s business partner Dylan Moore who Bebb named as one of the authors of that Troll Blog, as well of course as David Nigel Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents who we now know to be the publisher behind the blog.

So what does this have to do with anything? a lot.

Burchett is employed by Aberconwy’s assembly member Janet Finch Saunders, a terribly ambitious woman, but like many ambitiously obsessed people she harbours huge insecurities. One of her alleged biggest fears was that if Bebb were to have lost his seat in the last election he may pursue her assembly seat in next years assembly elections, which Finch Saunders has little chance of holding on too, due to all this silly internal bitching and back stabbing.

A week prior to Bebbs house of commons speech his office as a matter of professional courtesy informed the above people of his intentions, during that week Finch Saunders conspired with Dylan Moore and David Jones MP (all of which was released in the public domain late last year) to say that she had heard Mr Bebb discuss Moore’s involvement with that Troll Blog prior to Bebbs House Of Commons speech made under parliamentary privilege, therefore exposing Bebb to costly legal action.

As a result of this conspiracy Bebb reluctantly with drew part of his statement with regards to Dylan Moore.

So here we have a motivation for Burchetts dislike of Mr Bebb which was fuelled by his employer and her associated friends.

It strikes me that Burchett felt he had the safety net of his employer and her friends but when the crap hits the fan these sort of people run for cover and let you (Burchett) take the flack.

Burchett says to Bebb, “You have used the Conservative brand and the Aberconwy Conservative Association as a means to an end. You have only ever had one party in your heart. The ‘Guto Bebb Party’.” If that were true then surely Bebb would never have retained his seat, let alone increase his majority, or is Burchett implying the electorate is thick?

It will be interesting to see if Burchett maintains his position as Finch Saunders office manager, she has had a huge turnover of staff to say the least.

What will the ramifications be when all this infighting and back stabbing by these silly people makes its way to David Cameron’s door, which it will, who will be the first to drop his/her mates in it?

When Bebb said of Burchett  “What an idiot you are” and “You are a disgrace.” he was being to polite and might have included a few others who are named above.

He who laughs last laughs longest!