Another Example Of North Wales Police & The CPS Acting Partially.

The question I feel obliged to ask is would they, North Wales Police have been more inclined to pursue this matter if the name of the man concerned had been Creamer?

Now before those of you who are not privy to Mr Creamer and his family start saying things like Creamer is this Creamer is that Creamer is the other, be aware you do not know what your on about, Mr Creamer will tell you to your face he has been no angel but in turn he gets annoyed when people say he has dealt in drugs and such like, he has not.

Mr Creamer and his family have suffered years of untrue accusations at the hands of the authorities and these accusations have been encouraged by people like David Nigel Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, publisher of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Education before opinion!!!!