Freemasons And Corruption, part four.


rebecca_6aRebecca Television was Britain’s first stand-alone investigative website when it went live in 2010.
At present it is involved in four major investigations — a fifth, the examination of the Murdoch empire, has moved to the new Press Gangsite (see below for more details).
The four inquiries are:
EVER SINCE Rebecca Television began work in 2010, it’s been claiming that some of the key conclusions of the £14 million North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal headed by Sir Ronald Waterhouse are suspect.
Now David Cameron has ordered two reviews into the North Wales saga — the National Crime Agency’s Operation Pallial and the Macur Review into the Tribunal itself.
Rebecca Television has made statements to both.
Already published are the video A Touch of Frost and the article  Silent Witness.
They tell the story of how an important witness was prevented from giving evidence at the Tribunal.
A Mason-Free Zone? shows that the Tribunal’s examination of the role of freemasonry in the North Wales Police force was woefully inadequate.
The Trials of Gordon Anglesea tells the story of retired North Wales Police superintendent Gordon Anglesea.
Even though he won a major libel case against journalists who falsely accused him of sexually abusing residents of a care home in North Wales, his evidence before two judges caused them to express “considerable disquiet” about some of what he told them …
The Messham Intervention tells the story of the tumultuous events of November 2012 when the BBC Newsnight programme falsely accused Lord McAlpine of child abuse. 
One consequence of the affair is that the Rebecca Television articles are finally being taken seriously.

Silent to the Grave tells the story of the meeting which took place between Sir Ronald Waterhouse, chairman of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal, and Rebecca Television editor Paddy French back in 2000.
French was working for the ITV Wales This Week series at the time.
He outlined many of the allegations outlined in The Case of the Flawed Tribunal and Sir Ronald answered some of them in correspondence which he insisted remain confidential.
It was only after his death in 2011 that French felt able to make the correspondence public.
WELSH BROADCASTING is dominated by a small clique.
Rebecca Television is determined to shine a light on some of their activities.
Already published are
A Man of Conviction? — an exposé of Rhodri Williams, current Wales Director of the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom.
For much of last year he was the watchdog’s acting Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs at the London HQ.
Hidden Agenda — a video featuring an extraordinary interview with Williams’ former partner Ron Jones about the industrial espionage that led to him sacking Williams from the TV company Agenda.
A Licence to Censor — an article about censorship in Welsh broadcasting: a proposed ITV Wales programme about the financial problems of WRU chairman David Pickering was axed.
The Son Of The Man From Uncle — a profile of the family history of current BBC Wales supremo Rhodri Talfan Davies.
He comes from a powerful media family.
Did it play any part in his appointment to the top job in Wales at the age of 40?
And why did it take four months before the BBC confirmed his appointment?
In The Name Of The Father? examines the rise of former BBC Wales Director Menna Richards who took over as head of BBC Wales when Geraint Talfan Davies stood down.
She later followed him as a highly-paid non-executive director of the company that owns Welsh Water.
The piece also  explores the controversy surrounding Menna Richards’ sister and her commissions from BBC Wales.
(A separate article, The Great Welsh Water Robbery, explores the role of these senior BBC figures in creating the company’s reputation.)
IT’S FASHIONABLE to believe freemasons have little influence in modern life.
The articles in this series show that the masons are far from down and out.
A television programme called Brothers in the Shadows reveals the shocking story of a former police detective who claims he was enticed into joining a gang of men abusing a young girl.
The retired sergeant said that a fellow freemason invited him to join the gang.
This freemason is still at large.
The gang’s ringleader was a convicted criminal who was later found to have murdered one of his partners.
This story is examined in more detail in the article The Missing Masonic Child Abuser.
This piece also explores how the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal was not told of the existence of a masonic lodge for police officers.
The article A Fistful of Coppers asks if the new Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales, Winston Roddick QC, should have told voters he was once a member of Wales’ most powerful lodge.
This lodge is explored further in the piece Brothers in Silk.
(See also the article on the failure of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal to examine the role of freemasonry in the North Wales Police — A Mason-Free Zone?)
ANGLESEY COUNTY COUNCIL has been one of the most corrupt councils in the UK.
So bad did the situation become that the government in Cardiff was forced to take over the running of the authority.
The Rebecca Television investigation is one of the deepest ever undertaken into a British council — even the titles make disturbing reading.
The Case of the Corrupt Councillor
Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, OBE
The Gospel According to “Jesus” Arthur Jones
A Plague On All Their Houses
The End of the Gang of Four
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Rebecca Television is campaigning for the North Wales Police to carry out a criminal investigation into allegations of corruption.
The latest news — May The Farce Be With You — is not encouraging.
The series will come to an end with an indictment of the disastrously inadequate intervention by the Welsh government which has paved the way for another crisis in the years to come.
THE FINAL investigation — into the ethics of how the Murdoch press injected toxic values into Fleet Street —  has moved to the new Press Gang site
Rebecca Television believes Rupert Murdoch deliberately chose unsavoury characters as some of his key lieutenants.
It was this character trait that led to the criminality at the heart of his British newspaper empire.
One of his favourite journalists is former News of the World Investigations Editor Mazher “Fake Sheik” Mahmood, now working for the Sun on Sunday after a controversial spell at the Sunday Times.
It was a Rebecca Television exposé which caught Mahmood lying to the Leveson Inquiry.
He claimed on oath that he had more than 250 successful criminal prosecutions to his name — the Rebecca Television investigation led to the Leveson Inquiry demanding that he prove his tally.
Solicitors for News International could justify only a fraction of the number.
Mahmood, and key News of the World editors like Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, had been lying about his strike rate for years.
In July the trial of the singer Tulisa Contostavlos was halted after the judge concluded that Mahmood had lied under oath.
Two articles have already been published — The Sting In The Singer’s Tale and The Life And Times Of  A Serial Perjurer.
The original Rebecca Television statements can be read on the Leveson Inquiry website.
The first statement revealed the results of our investigation.
Mazher Mahmood’s reply — where he reluctantly concedes that the News International investigation didn’t support his claims — is in his fourth statement to the Inquiry.
RTV answered this with a second statement.