Freemasons And Corruption, part two.

Ruthin School abuse cover-up and Freemasonry in North Wales Police
In August this year, I placed an advertisement in Private Eye asking for cases of abuse covered up by public institutions such as local authorities and school, motivated by my personal experience of these corrupt activities. One of the people who replied described to an institutional abuse case at Ruthin School, an established public school in North Wales.
They described the sexual abuse of multiple boys by one of the teachers of the school, a paedophile who took boys of the dormitory at night and into the spare room to sexually abuse them, often plying them with drink and drugs to facilitate this. He was not the only paedophile abusing boys at the school.
A thirteen year old boy at the school committed suicide, but the school’s management were unmoved to take any action. It took the boy’s parents to make relevant inquires, which is how the extent of the sexual abuse at the school was discovered. They reported the matter to North Wales Police, who proceeded to raid the paedophile teacher’s home; they discovered child pornography on his computer and he was charged for the child sex offences.
Shortly before his trial began, the paedophile teacher joined the Freemasons, and to the bewilderment of the police his trial was thrown out of court before it began by the presiding judge. Freemasons apparently saturate the establishment in North Wales, including the police and legal system; among them are paedophiles involved in the institutional sexual abuse of children. A retired senior police officer and Freemason was arrested in January by Operation Pallial, the National Crime Agency and North Wales Police investigation into abuse at North Wales schools and children’s homes.
I sent a summary of the emails about the Ruthin School abuse to Operation Paillal, suspecting that obvious perversion of justice motivated by conflict of interest had taken place in regards to the paedophile teacher. I only received a one line response which stated that it was not in Operation’s remit to investigate, which I find odd given that such corruption could have compromised adequate investigation into this child sex abuse in potentially multiple other cases and historically facilitated further abuse in the process. It would be irrational to uniformly equate Freemasonry with paedophilia, but secret societies in their inherent nature, as observed in numerous other countries and throughout history, can easily be manipulated as a front to perpetrate criminality. Hopefully making this information public will incite the authorities to respond otherwise.