MP For Clwyd West David Jones & His Definition Of The Truth…..

MP for Clwyd West David Jones holds the moral high ground with his definition of the truth!!

In a statement to the police David Jones says:  ” I very rarely read the blog” referring to the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog.
yet in a recorded meeting with David Jones he says: “I never even read the blog till this summer (2014) when the blog started to attack a collogue of mine” referring to the authors of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog’s vicious attack on MP for Aberconwy Mr Guto Bebb, some one David Jones lets say would not refer to as a friend.

David Jones goes on to say in the recorded interview previously mentioned “I have never had anything what so ever to do with that blog in any way, it would be a bonkers thing to do” Dylan Moore says ” You know he was regularly contributing to the blog” ( a direct reference to David Jones) ” I mean you know he has sent stuff hasn’t he“?

Interviewer says “David Jones”.

Dylan Moore says “Yeah, not anonymously at the end of the day he’s in politics it’s his role, you know but it was his role to deal with these things, you know talk about local issues councillors and all this sort of stuff“.

David Jones continues in his police statement going on to say “Dylan Moore subsequently arranged to see the …………..’s as he was also accused of being an author of the blog by the group ( and he wished to clarify his position, As I understand it during the meeting he suggested that I had made non-anonymous comments on the blog, in fact he was confused by the fact that I had exchanged comments with the Thoughts of Oscar Twitter account.

Yet in a recorded interview Mr Jones says “I have never had anything what so ever to do with that blog in any way, it would be a bonkers thing to do“.

The Twitter account ran along side the blog and a lot of comments sent to the publisher of the blog to be published were sent via the twitter account.

Which is quite possibly why MP for Clwyd west David Jones deleted all his tweets to the Thoughts of Oscar Twitter account from his official Parliamentary Twitter account.

All these deleted Tweets were sought by me from the website Politwoops, of which there are around thirty and can be viewed on request via this blog.

By coincidence if you visit Politwoops now all the David Jones deleted Tweets are gone!! I wonder why someone would go to all that trouble, what are they trying to hide?

David Jones goes on to say: “He (Dylan) never suggested I was an author of the blog, ………….. sort to distort this and intensified a campaign of harassment against me“.

The so- called harassment that Mr Jones refers to is efforts made to seek the truth and out the true authorship of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, It is obvious that several people are lying. All the victims of this terrible troll blog want is the truth, yet its authorship clearly is afraid of that, why? what are they hiding other than their involvement in that vicious blog.

Why was Jones so eager to protest his innocence to someone like me? If I had accused him of doing whatever and he was not guilty why then would he phone me and during the 40 minute call spend all his time professing his innocence.

Why? I’m just an ordinary working bloke, surely if he were innocent then he would not bother with me or at the very least tell me to go away and prove my accusations.

No Jones did non of that instead he went on to invite me to meet with him and his office and spent another 57 minutes professing his innocence, if you know Jones then you will also know he looks down upon my ilk and would never pass the time of day with the likes of me.

The Truth will out but not Jones’s version of it………..

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  1. And he is supposed to be the representative of the people! I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. I find him arrogant and very self centred, full of his own self importance! With the reputation that many past MP's have, for fiddling, and other matters, being an MP is nothing to shout about. With the matter of his denied association with Nigel Roberts he is doing even more to ruin his already tarnished reputation. Resign Mr Jones, take on the Chiltern Hundreds.

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