David Jones MP For CLwyd West & His Pseudonym On AOL…….

Laertes, from Hamlet:

After Hamlet kills Polonius, Laertes faces the same problem that Hamlet does —a murdered father. And that’s where the similarities end. While Hamlet lollygags and broods over the murder for much of the play, Laertes takes immediate action. He storms home from France as soon as he hears the news, raises a crowd of followers, and invades the palace, saying “That drop of blood that’s calm proclaims me bastard.” in other words, not being upset by his father’s death would prove that his mother was stepping out on his dad.

It’s only after he storms the castle with a band of armed men that he starts asking questions —unlike Hamlet, who asks a whole lot of questions before he finally gets around to avenging his father’s death. Here’s the funny thing, though: both of them end up dead, in exactly the same way, and at each other’s hands. So, is Laertes’s method really any better than Hamlet’s?

Laertes dies in the foyer of the castle in Hamlet, after trying to kill Hamlet in a duel. He poisons his own sword, then gets slashed three times by his OWN sword after losing it to Hamlet.

Perhaps there is a message here for Mr Jones………

Laertes was also a character from Mythology, whose realm included the Island of Ithaca a close neighbour of Cephalonia, the birth place of our eldest son and home for us……..

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  1. Coincidently, I believe that Jones used the name Laertes in the early days of internet chat. Ironic eh?

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