Mr Troll & His Moll……sent in by a reader of the blog….

Nigel and Wendy Roberts, as we know David Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, has held his hands up to being the author/publisher of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

This blogs name come from Roberts’s deceased father’s dog ‘Oscar’.

The blog was originally started by Roberts’s late father Paul, and assisted by Roberts himself.

In it’s beginning the blog to be fair was quite entertaining but still attacked at random who the two original authors choose to attack.

One of the their first victims was William Windsor AKA Billy King. Billy is gay and they sort to use his homosexuality to vilify him and published comments such as “Billy King takes it up the ring”, a comment Roberts recently used again on his newest troll blog “CSI Llandudno”and this is a picture Roberts published:

This picture is the exact same one Roberts published on the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog along with other offensive homophobic hate crime material.

When Billy King reported this disgusting homophobic hate material to North Wales Police, Inspector Ian Verburg said the following:

After Roberts’s father Paul passed away in October 2010 the blog took a much more poisonous stance and one of the authors first Victims was Mr Michael Creamer who was at that time face charges in court.

In a determined effort to besmirch Mr Creamer and persuade the jury to find Mr Creamer guilty Roberts and his now regular co-authors/contributors such as MP for Clwyd West David Jones, and

retired journalist Ruby Williams, published the most awful and untrue comments about Mr Creamer, saying he was a convicted rapist, which is untrue, they also stated that he had been investigated on the TV show the Ferret, again untrue and amongst many other vile lies about Mr Creamer they called him a drug dealer, again totally untrue, All these malicious accusations were published before and during the trial. This obviously had a direct effect on how the jury viewed Mr Creamer.

To this day despite a huge amount of evidence non of the authors behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ have been interviewed by the police despite North Wales police being ordered to investigate all complaints against the blog.

North Wales Police do not want to prosecute Mr Roberts or his co-authors mainly because Mr Roberts is a police informant and David Jones,s exposed involvement could only create a huge backlash.

But fear not readers that is soon to change, we have at long last gained access to the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog archives and will be serialising its posts and comments alike so please watch this space, lets see how North Wales Police wiggle out of this, especially DS John Hanson and his pathetic excuse for a DC, Chris Walsh.

Late this month we will publish the first of many Oscar posts!

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