Nicked From Mr Llan…….

Turning over a new leaf?

To the residents of Llandudno. Has the ‘sole author’ of the Thoughts of Oscar blog Mr Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts News turned over a new leaf?

We here at Mr Llandudno could not believe our eyes when we read this post. We quote the words “Taken with his permission”, this must be a first for Mr Roberts whose blog was renowned for his voyeuristic tendencies. Alleged victims of the blog however are still seeking any kind of formal apology or admission of wrongdoing from the blogs author(s), many state they had experienced their images published via the Thoughts of Oscar outlets without any express permission whatsoever.

Earlier this month, victim of the blog Mr Richie P Windmill brought this to our attention.

According to Mr Windmill, a photo of Plaid AM Llyr Gruffydd with his children had in the past featured on the Thoughts of Oscar blog. What you see in the photograph above is a cropped segment of a family photo that Mr Gruffydd himself took, (omitting his children for obvious reasons). The said photo he took however was directed in the direction in which a photo of him and his children appeared on the blog. When Mr Gruffydd, a reader of Thoughts of Oscar saw that he was subject on the blog, he naturally returned to look at the images which he had taken the day previous. Fortunately for Mr Gruffydd he used a wide angled lens. When he examined the photos closely, to his surprise there was the culprit in the left background of the image.

According to Mr Windmill there is a stark resemblance of Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts News Agents in Llandudno, the self-confessed sole author of the blog. While the image is not the clearest, the probability is indeed more than highly likely him given the coincidence.

There are a few questions that need to be raised here. Firstly the photograph of Mr Gruffydd and his children was accompanied with the caption “Why is Plaid AM Llyr Gruffydd shopping in an English town?”.

Mr Llandudno has a question for the said photographer/likely author of the blog post in question. Why did a small town newsagent, photograph a family man out with his young children in Chester? Did the author not assess or consider any detrimental impact of publishing photographs of a family man with his children on the blog? Quite possibly not, it is believed the said author is not a family himself therefore in this instance he has clearly failed to realise or understand the consequence of his actions in publicly displaying photographs of an AM’s children without express permission or consent. In fact, it was not the only time the author(s) of the Thoughts of Oscar blog exhibited voyeuristic like behaviour, secretly photographing subjects for the blog.

We have recently observed that (a) author of the blog has recently had his photograph taken in the street and publicly displayed online without prior express permission or consent, mind you he is not a child but certainly behaved like one. Again, while we do not condone observing this tittle tattle behaviour online, what we will say is this… Not nice is it?

How much longer will the author(s) of the Thoughts of Oscar blog drag this embarrassment out for themselves? Time is running short and the victims of the Thoughts of Oscar blog demand justice. An apology would go a long way.

The magnification of the above screen shot shows Nigel Roberts is clearly more than capable of conducting himself decently online when it suits him, or does it? Looking at the fact the above man is carrying a can of an unknown substance in his hand, presumably alcohol, was he even in a fit state to acknowledge the question Nigel Roberts was asking him? Asking to take someone’s photograph outside is one thing, publishing it online for the whole of Llandudno to see on an open online public space is another. In order to raise our argument here, may we pose the question to Mr Roberts, if we held a photo of you in a drunk state, how would you feel if it was then published online with or without your knowledge? You may wish to reconsider the seriousness and consequence of your actions.

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  1. Ee by gum, our Nige is a dab 'and with a photo machine. In't eary days o' Blog he was up and down Mostyn Street and all a'tother places clicking his shutter about like a real snappy chappy. Anything and everything that appeared in the viewfinder was fair game. Not just to be later exposed on the Blog but also to be criticised, humiliated, abused and vilified in the usual Oscar manner.

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