Yesterdays Post, Posted By The Authors Of The Troll Blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ to attack me and the comments…

Taken From The Troll Blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’

Please note all the below comments are from David Nigel Roberts the troll from Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, he either responds to his published posts anonymously or with the use of a pseudonym. He does this to provoke reader responses and in a very typical troll fashion he makes sure his comments are as nasty as possible. 
One of his favourite pseudonym’s was and still is E-Thug, which he has still used to abuse others in his latest troll blog CSI Llandudno….(now closed).

Take note of how provocative and suggestive these comments are, there sole purpose is to harass and defame me with the hope of creating animosity toward me and my family, at no time do Roberts and his co-authors/contributors like MP for Clwyd West David Jones give thought for the possible repercussions toward me and my family.
These people are a disgrace and care only about the amount of discord they can bring to the life’s of their chosen victims.