North Wales Police Clearly Are Partial……

There are many who are fed up with me repeating myself, especially when it comes to DS John Hanson & DC Chris Walsh’s so called North Wales Police investigation into all the harassment and distress to many, caused over a seven year period by the authors/contributors behind the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog.
The above mentioned officers were ordered to investigate all previous complaints that had been brought to the attention of North Wales police between 2007 & 2014 and which North Wales police refused to act against.
They were presented by that troll blogs victims a mass of incriminating evidence which clearly demonstrated harassment and distress on an insurmountable scale, but decided all this evidence did not cross the threshold for prosecution.
At no time what so ever have they interviewed in anyway, let alone under caution, the self confessed author of the blog, ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ Mr David Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts newsagents in Llandudno, or did they ever seek any additional evidence, for example the examination of his mobile phone and computer hard drives, in order that they could access all the hateful material he/they published against many adults children and deceased family members over a seven year period.
Is this perhaps because of who they are? 
  1. David Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts newsagents in Llandudno: self confessed author to the blog & by the admission of his solicitor Dylan Moore someone who passed information onto the police, the implication he was/is an informant.
  2. David Jones MP for Clwyd West & sacked Welsh Secretary, massive supporter of the police and again another admission by his long term business partner Dylan Moore a regular Contributor/author to the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog. 
  3. There are others previously mentioned but less significant.

Roberts and his co-authors are responsible for publishing homophobic hate comments, such as “Billy King takes it up the ring” or “he needs a cap up his arse” both comments are both distressing and a form of harassment.
The authors are also responsible for publishing comments against the disabled, like “parents of disabled children are selfish for bringing them into this world, disabled children are nothing but a drain on society”.
They accused a local Conwy man of being a rapist, a drug dealer and a cowboy builder who had supposedly  been investigated by the ferret, all of which is completely untrue and has been proved so.
One couple not from the area who moved to Conwy & opened a clothes shop were forced to close their business and leave the area because the authors behind that troll blog  accused the man of spying on young girls while they were changing in the shops changing room, this again was totally untrue, but the damage had already been done.
These are but a few examples of the evidence presented to Hanson & Walsh yet they refused to do a damn thing. Why?
This article below demonstrates that Hanson & Walsh were completely wrong in saying the evidence did not cross the threshold for prosecution, North Wales police were able to secure a successful conviction against Mr Clague for comments made against others not even close to the awful comments made against many by Nigel Roberts and his co-authors of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog.
This stinks and I will not rest until this whole corrupt mess is completely exposed, and those responsible including serving police officers are made accountable. 

A former mayor who compared an ex-councillor and his friend to derogatory cartoon characters Captain Stutter and Dyslexia Boy has been found guilty of harassment.
Postings on Gwynn Clague’s website referred to former councillor Glyn Jones as a “gutless little stuttering sidekick” to ex-election candidate Gary Bourne, who was labelled a “tw*t in a hat”.
The attack came amid a spat over a “copycat” Prestatyn Whistleblower Facebook page – the postings on which Clague was getting the blame for.
The 69-year-old, of Victoria Road, Prestatyn, said his actions were motivated by the need to expose the pair as administrators of the social media account, because he wanted people to know that he was not responsible for “disgusting” comments and inaccurate information that was being uploaded.
During a trial at Prestatyn Magistrates Court today, prosecutor Robert Blakemore said Clague’s website was used as a “means to insult and vilify” by featuring a picture of existing cartoon characters Captain Stutter and Dyslexia Boy as a reference to Mr Jones, who has a speech impediment, and Mr Bourne, who has been criticised for his ability to spell.
They were also dubbed the “Dyslexic Duo”, “Prestatyn Trolls” and “Looney Tunes”, while Clague had also uploaded previous media reports about Bourne’s conviction in 2011 for superimposing the faces of three councillors onto a picture of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and their dog Blondie, which was posted on YouTube.
A further post on Clague’s site showed three images of Mr Bourne captioned: “tw*t in a hat”, “same tw*t, different hat” and “another hat, same tw*t”.
Giving evidence, Mr Bourne, who came to know former town and county councillor Clague through attending meetings of Prestatyn Town Council, said he called the police because he thought he had “overstepped the line”.
“I found the material insulting and upsetting. He lost focus, his site became all about me when it should’ve been talking about the politics of the town…I was upset enough to inform the police,” he said.
Giving evidence via video link, Glyn Jones, who initially set up the Prestatyn Whistleblower Facebook page, said of the speech impediment references: “It hit me hard, it brought back memories of being bullied in the playground. It has hurt me and caused me stress…it knocked my confidence quite a lot.”
Clague said he set the website up in February 2013 in a bid to share local political information and had openly put his name and contact details to it.
But when he became aware of the “salacious content” being “spewed out” on the anonymous Facebook page, he emailed Mr Bourne to express his concerns over similarities between the two which were causing him problems within the community.
And as a consequence of the links between the two not being diminished, Clague uploaded the cartoon along with Mr Bourne’s contact details to direct complaints.
He said; “People would stop me in the street asking why I was accusing councillors of having affairs, being involved in activities with young children, fraud…unfortunately no one believed it wasn’t me.”
He added: “My intention was to expose who the administrators of the Facebook page were. I used the cartoon because of the way their site was run, as if they were the saviours of morals and of the future, like Batman and Robin.
“What I posted was no more offensive than what they were posting about people. The cartoon was meant to ridicule and parody them to show what silly little kids they were.”
Claiming his posts were not motivated by disability hatred, he continued: “My only motivation was getting my name off the site.”
District Judge Richard Williams found Clague guilty of harassing Mr Bourne but acquitted him of the same charge regarding Mr Jones.
But he enforced restraining orders for both men, banning Clague from making any internet communications about them for 36 months.
He was also ordered to pay a £210 fine, £500 compensation to Mr Bourne, £21 victim surcharge and £500 prosecution costs.

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  1. Questions need asking in Parliament regarding this dreadful state of affairs. Our Police Officers should be beyond reproach and trusted without fear nor favour to do their duty honestly and without any form of discrimination as to race, colour, creed or social position.
    This appears not to be happening and is well illustrated by all the problems associated with David Nigel Roberts' Blog, the Thoughts of Oscar.
    What threshhold does the evidence NOT meet? The FALSE threshold created by the North Wales Constabulary to protect said David Nigel Roberts. They may be able to protect him from the Courts, but they will never be able to protect him from himself or those who decide to be Judge and Jury on their own behalf.

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