MP For Clwyd West David Jones…..

On the 05-05-2015 I was arrested at my home, the MP for Clwyd West claimed I had made malicious and untrue comments about him in a blog post I published, during the recent election campaign which supposedly contravened the 1983 representation of peoples act:

This is the post I wrote and published on 02-05-2015:

Everything I mention with regards to Jones in this post is true and has previously been in the public domain, this being the case I have not contravened any law let alone the one Jones and his pals in North Wales police/CPS have accused me of contravening.

Jones has stated in the not so distant past that he wanted to cause the maximum damage he could to me and my family, he has stated this because of my insistence to expose him as one of the authors/contributors behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

Jones’s involvement in that troll blog is supported by a recorded statement with his long term business partner Dylan Moore :

Lets look at the things I state in my post:

  1. Last September Guto Bebb, David Jones’s conservative colleague, implied in a speech he made in The House Of Commons regarding the Thoughts Of Oscar Troll Blog, that David Jones was indeed one of the blogs authors. This is true. 
  2. I believe Mr Jones will before long find himself in a bit of a mess, after all for every lie he tells he needs to tell at least two more to cover the original up. This I stated because of Jones’s constant denials, I believe because of compelling evidence I have that Jones has lied.
  3. Now we are all aware that politicians are not the most honest people at the best of times but Mr Jones takes dishonesty to a new level. Again this I strongly stand by, because of the 57 minutes I spent in his company with him constantly denying any involvement with that troll blog and prior to that the 40 minute phone call he made to me, doing the same. An innocent man in his position would simply have told me to go away and prove it.
  4. Mr Jones is an embarrassment to the Conservative Party, even his chief whip, Michael Gove has had to take him to task about his dishonesty, David Cameron sacked him from his cabinet position as Secretary Of State for Wales, he fiddled his expenses to the tune of £81,000, he used his position to get his friends privileged audiences with high ranking police officers, as a member of the Masons he has help influence certain legal cases. This is probably the most outstanding statement of opinion I made, which I vehemently stand by and which has all been stated publicly prior to the electoral period.
  5. This man is the most corrupt and dishonest person I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to and if he retains the Clwyd West seat he will undoubtedly bring more shame and scandal down upon the Conservative Party, which from the point of view of many can and will be a good thing. The first half of this paragraph is a correct expression of how Jones made me feel about him, it is my opinion of him and one I stand by. As for the second half of this paragraph it is my belief any person that lies, politician or otherwise will surely not just end up humiliating themselves but also those they represent.

So having made a thorough study of the law for which Jones had me arrested: section 106 of the 1983 representation of the peoples act, neither my legal team nor I can find anything to point at guilt in  my direction.
The CPS have had me on bail since 05-05-2015, this bail I answer to on the 16-07-2015, lets see where we go from there……

Back to David Jones MP: here are some points Jones makes in  his police interview on 03-05-2015:

  1. “I was aware of a local blog called Thoughts of Oscar, and I was aware that it appeared to be common knowledge that a man called Nigel Roberts was responsible for writing it”. This was not common knowledge until 09-09-2014 when Guto Bebb MP made a House of Commons speech which exposed those behind the blog. Before that the blogs authors identities were pretty much a need to know situation.
  2. Jones goes on to say “I very rarely read the blog”. Yet in a recorded interview last November Jones says: “I never even read the blog till this summer when it attacked a colleague of mine Guto Bebb”.
  3. Jones then goes on to say “about two weeks later I visited Thoughts of Oscar Blog”. This was in 2011.
  4. Jones then goes on to talk about the time he accompanied Dylan Moore on a visit to St Asaph police station to speak with chief superintendent Humphries, also in 2011. Dylan Moore had claimed he was being harassed by another, if we were to complain of such things we are lucky to get a PCSO……
  5. Jones then goes on to say that a notice of harassment was served on this person, it in fact never was.
  6. Jones continues: “On the 9th of September 2014 I became aware of a Face Book post by ……………which accuse Dylan Moore and my-self of being co-authors of the blog, along with Nigel Roberts. I was naturally horrified and raised the matter with the whips”……………..
  7. Jones continues: “Dylan Moore subsequently arranged to see the Windmills as he was also accused of being an author of the blog by the group” (this is a reference to or VOO) “and wished to clarify his position. As I understand it during the meeting he had suggested that I had made non-anonymous comments on the blog”…………….Moore did no such thing, he actually said twice that “David Jones regularly contributed to the blog” etc etc etc…..  
  8. Jones continues “In fact he was confused that I had exchanged comments with the ‘Thoughts of Oscar Twitter account”……………. How can that be? apart from the fact that Jones’s comment about what Moore says is completely wrong, Jones also stated most matter of factly that:………………. I have never had anything to do with the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog in anyway what so ever, why would I? it would be a bonkers thing to do”…………………..Yet the Twitter account of the same name was an integral part of the troll blog itself, so Jones either had something to do with the blog or not……you decide.
  9. Jones continues:……………… “He never suggested I was the author of the blog, Windmill sort to distort this and intensified a campaign of harassment against me…………” I have never harassed anybody, I have only ever repeated what Jones stated to me and what others have publicised about him, how is that distortion?.. I had hoped that North Wales police would have investigated this affair properly but they continue to refuse to, so I have no option but to investigate myself & part of that investigating means me having to ask pertinent questions to get at the truth.                                                                                                                                                                                                           For Jones’s information here follows a definition of harassment from the legal dictionary, non of which I’m guilty, I like all the other victims of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar are just after the truth and for those behind that blog to be held accountable, thats not harassment…………………:                                                       harassment

    (either harris-meant or huh-rass-meant) n. the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group,including threats and demands. The purposes may vary, including racial prejudice, personal malice, an attempt to force someone to quit a job or grant sexual favours, apply illegal pressure to collect a bill, or merely gain sadistic pleasure from making someone fearful or anxious. Such activities may be the basis for a lawsuit if due to discrimination based on race or sex, a violation on the statutory limitations on collection agencies, involve revenge by an ex-spouse, or be shown to be a form of blackmail (“I’ll stop bothering you, if you’ll go to bed with me”). The victim may file a petition for a “stay away” (restraining) order, intended to prevent contact by the offensive party. A systematic pattern of harassment by an employee against another worker may subject the employer to a lawsuit for failure to protect the worker.

    • Jones goes on to accuse my wife of “publishing illicit recordings of me and Dylan Moore” ……….Again for Jones’s information this is the meaning for illicit:…The word illicit in fact means unlawful.It is,however ,generally used to denote such action which shocks the conscience of the society,whether legal or otherwise.
    • The recordings I made of Jones, Moore and others during the course of my investigations were made covertly which is totally legal so long as you/I have cause to believe a crime may have been or may be committed, in this case I believed and still believe that David Jones, Dylan Moore and others contributed/authored the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ which was guilty of harassment, criminal harassment and hurtful, distressing remarks to or against others. 
    • For Jones’s information:……………..

      Court Says It’s Okay To Secretly Record Conversation If Done For Legitimate Reasons

      from the i-may-or-may-not-be-recording-this dept

      While there have been a lot of concerns lately about efforts to misuse “wiretapping” laws that forbid any recordings of people without their knowledge, it appears at least a few courts are recognizing how silly that is. Yet another court has now said that secretly recording a conversation — in this case with an iPhone — is okay, assuming there was no crime committed with the recording, and the recording was for a legitimate purpose.
    • Jones continues:……………..“I have spoken to DS Hanson…… (this is the same DS Hanson that oversaw the mickey mouse police investigation into all complaints about the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar)……….. a number of times about this. The allegations against me have been severely distressing…….(Jones must be referring to the allegation Dylan Moore made about him being a regular contributor to the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog…….or perhaps he means the allegation by me when I stated he was a liar……..or does he mean all the other allegations made against him in the FREE PRESS like……..or……….………or……….………or………..
    • I could go on but Jones does not need me to embarrass him…..!
    • Jones continues:………..”apart from his actions on the internet Windmill has also distributed leaflets which malign me…….” Again quite untrue I distributed 2 leaflets outlining the facts behind this whole sordid affair in an effort to inform the public as Jones had threatened the local press with legal action if they published any of my recorded admission about his involvement with that blog.

    Jones goes on and on, but the point here is Jones has used a loophole in the law to try and get me prosecuted for defamation, the police are only to eager to support him especially Hanson as I have become a pain in the backside to them for not letting this ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ situation drop, why the heck should I, if someone does not stand up to people who appear to believe they are beyond reproach then they shall just continue to make the live’s of other as miserable as they can.

    I will never stop until those responsible for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ are bought to task and North Wales police’s obvious collusion is exposed.

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    1. Keep the sails turning Mr Windmill, there are plenty of folk out here who support you 120%, and better than that, some with excellent knwledge of the participants and the law. The Police and CPS must be incompetent to base a harassment case on such flimsy evidence as has been presented in this case. If this quality of evidence is consideted as substantiating this prosecution, then a large volume of cases should be brought against David Nigel Roberts, as the self confessed author of the Thoughts of Oscar Blog, and his vile attacks on others. It should be an interesting day in Court to see how the "would be" mighty actually meet their Nemesis.

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