Anti Troll Organisations……

You would be surprised as to just how many official organisations there are campaigning to get government’s to do more when it comes to combating internet trolls.

Internet trolling & cyber stalking have become the playground for a particularly nasty self-centred group of individuals.

These individuals in many case’s come together to create blogs, Twitter accounts, Face Book accounts and fictitious e-mail accounts through all sorts off internet media outlets, their only purpose is to create as much discord to those they choose to attack as is possible, often resulting in their victims taking desperate measures to escape their tormentors, many resort to suicide.

Those responsible only gleam more pleasure from the demise of someone they have tormented, in many cases the feeling of euphoria the trolls achieve in these circumstances is likened to a sexual climax.

Lets look at the sort of people who behave like this;

Organisations have been studying Troll behaviour for many years, and find that the main reason they act this way is because of mental health issues or 

  1. psychological problems. 

This has been discussed in depth with psychologists and therapists, and they have come to the same conclusions: That trolls are people with serious 

      2.  sociological

      3   psychological, 

and deep-seated mental issues, stemming from either sexual abuse, mental illness, and problems with their sexual identity.  

Do you really think any sane person would want to go onto a discussion board, with the sole purpose of starting an argument, if they were not mentally ill? 

These people would not act that way in the street in front of a random stranger, so what gives them the right to do it in an on line environment? 

They are deluding themselves if they think that trolling is acceptable behaviour

In my opinion, Trolls should be banned from the internet, and made to attend classes for their ‘mental health issues’, and be made to discuss why they feel the need to upset / harass / defame / belittle people on line. 

If one mentions internet troll you could not be blamed for thinking that that person would be a loner or of someone of low esteem and in some case’s you would be quite right.

One may be surprised to learn that in many cases you average internet troll/stalker are actually people of high position and wealth, anyone for example from a shop keeper to an MP or a news reporter to a solicitor or a police officer to a magistrate.

We are quite often mistaken when we think of such people as being beyond this type of behaviour, these are the people society tends to think of as upstanding and respectful, to be fair that is generally the case but there are exceptions to every rule.

To understand why people ‘troll’ you first have to understand mental illness. 

Trolling is a sign of someone who is mentally ill, or who is emotionally unbalanced and angry at normal people for some reason or other.   

We find that most people who are trolls do this for 5 reasons:   
1.      An abusive childhood.     
The highest percentage of trolls have been abused in their childhood, mainly sexually. You will find that a family member, often their father/grandfather/uncle, has been interfering with them in a sexual manner, leaving them with deep-seated emotional and psychological problems. This makes the child withdrawn and often angry at the world, and many of these type of Trolls suffer from sexual inadequacy, and problems with intimacy with the opposite sex. This leads to negative thoughts and frustration, and they vent their frustration by attacking other people on line. You will find these types of trolls often post the most violent or abusive posts, mostly towards women because of their sexual inadequacy.    
2.      Mental illness / Mental Health Problems
Mentally ill people are the next highest percentage that make up trolls. Children with learning difficulties, ADHD, dyslexic or have emotional problems or some other sort of retardations. These trolls are the easiest to spot, as their spelling, grammar, and overall posts are quite horrendous. Sometimes it is even hard to understand what they are saying because of their bad grammatical errors.  
3.      Homosexuals in denial.  
The next highest percentage of trolls is made up of repressed homosexuals, or homosexuals in denial. Children with homosexual tendencies, who are often confused with their sexual identity. Most of these type of Trolls are generally immature young men, many of whom are still in their early teens, so it seems to me immaturity and sexual inadequacy would be the main factors. While normal young men are out chasing girls, acting the way boys should, these Trolls would rather spend their time harassing grown men in forums and discussion boards. It does have all the hallmarks of problems with their sexuality. These types of trolls are easy to spot also, as their posts are generally made-up of sexual innuendos, references to sexual acts, discussions about the size of their manhood, or immature rape fantasies. You will find that many of these people have problems with sexual intimacy or sexual inadequacy.    
4.      Social Outcasts 
The next highest percentage that make up Trolls are what we could class as ‘social outcasts’. People who, for some reason or other, have turned their backs on society’s ‘norms’. These people are unable to fit in at school / college / the workplace, and  because of this harbour a deep seated hate for all that is normal. Most type of people in this group display sociopathic tendencies brought on by a deep seated inferiority complex. They see everyone as their enemy because of their feelings of worthlessness, inferiority, and negative emotions. Most of this group are the type of people who regularly cut or self-harm, are loners who listen to anti-social music (punk / loud aggressive heavy metal), or are part of the ‘emo’ or ‘Goth’ community (A dangerous teen sub-culture that were responsible for the Columbine High-School tragedy).  
5.      Sexual Predators   
The last of the group that make up ‘Trolls’ are what we like to refer to as ‘Sex Predators’. These types of Troll like to masquerade on line using a profile of young boy, though they are much older. These Trolls spend much of their time Trolling forums and social networking websites for teenage girls or boys to harass and verbally abuse. While their victim may not realise this, they target these youngsters so to gain access to their personal information, list of their friends and acquaintances, and gain access to their personal photograph sections.

This is the most dangerous type of Troll, and the ones in the highest risk factor to children. Though we estimate that around 60% of ALL Trolls have paedophile tendencies, and download pictures of child-abuse, child-rape, and animal-rape and abuse, this 5th category pose a VERY REAL threat of actually carrying out a rape to a child.   

Here are some useful anti troll organisations, information groups and websites: