The manipulation of the law by people with something to lose……

For some time now as many readers are aware the the victims of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ have been trying to expose the corruption behind that blog, its authors and their collusion with North Wales police.

For every step forward we take, we end up having to takes several steps back.

Please watch this video it will both sicken and shock you…..

Then please read the following, although I am not trying to compare what this poor chap went through, to what’s happening here in Llandudno, this clearly demonstrates a similarity in the behaviour of the so called powerful people and the authorities.

  1. North Wales police ineffectually investigated the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and its authors, but only after being ordered to do so, as a direct result of  our MP, Guto Bebbs House Of Commons speech, which exposed the main protagonists behind the blog. 
  2. David Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, Dylan Moore solicitor and partner at David Jones solicitors and of course MP for Clwyd West David Jones himself.
  3. Dylan Moore states quite emphatically that David Jones MP……… WAS a regular contributor to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, David Jones vehemently protests his innocent and then goes onto gag the local media, threatening to sue if they publish the recordings which expose the truth.
  4. The victims of ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ publish leaflets correctly informing the public about those people responsible for the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, its content, and the collusion between the blog and North Wales police.
  5. I am threatened by DS John Hanson with arrest for publishing and distributing these leaflets informing the general public about that troll blog and its authors, despite the fact that everything in the content was factual and legal, as was their distribution.
  6. I am confronted on 27-04-2015 in Llandudno by the self confessed author of the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog’ David Nigel Roberts and his wife, Mr Roberts is both intimidating and aggressive, to me and my young son.
  7. On the 05-05-2015 I am arrested at my home under section 4 of the harassment act, for supposedly aggressively harassing David Nigel Roberts and his wife on the 27-04-2015.
  8. On the same day I am also arrested under the 1983 law, the representation of the people act section 106. (Although at the time the arresting officer had no idea what I was being arrested for). Apparently for my post of the 02-05-2015…….  this post is I am told both inflammatory and lies…….and could have had a negative effect on  Jones’s chance of retaining his seat, under section 106 of the representation of the peoples act, it is illegal to publish this sort of material if it was false and a lie, which clearly in this case it is not.
  9. The section 4 harassment is dropped but I am charged with a section 5 public order offence for which I have pleaded not guilty, the case will be heard on 29-07-2015.
  10. I answer bail on the 16-07-2015 for the trumped up David Jones charge.
  11. I expect to be hung out to dry for both supposed incidents, not because I am guilty, because I am not, the evidence including CCTV evidence the prosecution tried to use demonstrating that during Roberts confrontation with me that I was the aggressor, clearly shows the exact opposite.

This is clearly a case of North Wales police, David Jones MP, David Nigel Roberts, Dylan Moore and as yet unnamed others wanting to shut up all members of…VOO, especially me as I am their spokesperson and have been very active in seeking the truth.

    It begs the question “What are they trying to hide”? after all all, we are only seeking is the truth.
    I will publish all my evidence in time, I am expecting more police action against me, encouraged by the above mentioned people, I will continue to make a very loud noise until these horrible people are exposed for what they truly are.

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    1. They cannot catch or control the REAL CRIMINALS so they have to "fit up" somebody to keep themselves occupied and justify their existance. It is happening all the time but one only hears of the (not so) isolated incident.

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