Do you know this/these men?

What sort of a chump having joined the corrupt institution that is Freemasonry, offers to pay £1,000 just so he can have a blue robe/sash which in theory would elevate his status?

What sort of a chump, or as they say in the straight talking world, arse licking twat, makes sure his boss always has wine gums at the ready even in his car because they are his favourite? More importantly what does that say about about his boss?

Some may know the old joke about wine gums……….”Do you like wine gums”…….”yes”……..”well wine your gums…………………………………..” you get the picture. Childish I know, but it might explain a lot in this case.

What sort of a man sits next to his boss during an interview, with his big pudgy eyes and even bigger pudgy face never leaving him, a look of utter love or maybe lust who knows fillings his pudgy face.

What sort of a man when during the same interview speaks as if his balls are half way down his bosses throat?……………uuuuuuurrrr it’s enough to make me cringe, sorry it did make me cringe.

Pudgy and the boss

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  1. How much assistance has to be given by a personal assistant? And how much of said assistance is of a persoal nature? And just how personal does personal assistance get? And why do people need Personal Assistants, is it just a status symbol or for the intimate nature of their duties.
    Do Personal Assistants have Personal Assistants, ad infinitum?

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