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“I regard marriage as an institution that has developed over many centuries, essentially for the provision of a warm and safe environment for the upbringing of children, which is clearly something that two same sex partners can’t do.”
That’s a pretty offensive comment in any circumstance what’s more shocking is that it’s a comment made by Secretary of State for Wales David Jones, who made the comment without batting an eyelid on ITV Wales Face to Face programme which aired yesterday. (http://www.itv.com/news/wales/update/2013-02-15/face-to-face-with-david-jones/)
David Jones MP of Face to Face
David Jones MP, Secretary of State for Wales on ITV Wales’ Face to Face
I could write pages on what’s wrong with what he’s said, about the impact it will have on the children of same sex parents, the seeming ignorance of the reality that is thousands of “non-traditional” families up and down the UK who are doing an amazing job of raising children and about the use of the word ‘safe’ and the implication of one of the most poisonous slurs against gay people.
But what is really stomach churning about this statement is that one of the most senior politicians in the UK, a member of the cabinet, not simply sees fit to not just make this statement but to do it so freely. To do it without any thought that this could damage his career. Its clear David Jones believes that despite all of David Cameron’s grandstanding on equal marriage there’s still room in the upper echelons of the Conservative Party for those with views that are an anathema to most people.
The fact that a member of the Cabinet feels it OK to speak like this shows that the Tory party hasn’t changed, it is very rare for a member of the cabinet to vote against a government policy even when there is a ‘free’ vote and for two members of the Cabinet to do so is even more shocking. However what is unforgivable is now David Jones thinking it is ok to say the sort of thing he said on television.
All Welsh Tory MPs voted against Same-sex Marriage last week, with many speaking against the motion in Parliament. This vile sect of homophobic Welsh Tory MPs cannot be allowed to think what they did last week was OK  It shows that many in the Tory Party think it is OK to have these type of views, but it is up for the leadership of the Tory Party to show that they understand equality and speak out against what David Jones said last night. If these views where said about any other group in society a lack of real action would be unimaginable, and David Cameron must act. Thank goodness he did.
So far the Conservatives has been very quiet about the whole thing, with the exception of some like Byron Davies AM jumping into the fray on twitter to defend Jones’ right to make homophobic comments, but they can’t stay silent for long. I just hope they don’t try to defend the indefensible.
David Cameron needs to put his money where his mouth is, sack David Jones and send a message to his party and the country that homophobia is never expectable whatever guise it appears in.
As I was writing this I heard that bookies had suspended the odds on David Jones being the next person to leave the cabinet, but the bookies have more faith in the Prime Minister than I do. I just hope that for once David Cameron stands up to the bigots in his own party.