Freemasonry The Route To All Evil……

Filthy Britain’s Malevolent Masons

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At first sight, Freemasonry appears to be no more than a strange and secretive society, where doddery old men meet to wear aprons, roll-up their trouser legs and discuss charitable aims.
Dig a little deeper though and a much more horrifying picture emerges of an evil, satanic organisation that has pervaded all corners of the British Establishment, and where loyalty to a fellow ‘brother’, comes before all else.
From the Royals to Parliament, from Courts to the Police, from the BBC to Local Councils, it would appear that every single institution in this septic isle is controlled by corrupt Masonic members.
Does their malevolent influence extend to VIP paedophile rings, which have been operating in this septic isle for decades?
It most certainly does.
You see, without the help of Masons in key positions throughout the country, how else would it have been possible to:
Steal children from loving parents and throw them into care homes?
Allow VIP abusers to rape and sometimes murder them?
Ensure that all police investigations are sabotaged and any judicial enquiries are scuppered?
Silence any whistle-blowers and witnesses by any means, violent or otherwise?
Not very possible at all.
Oh dear.
That’s filthy Britain for you.
Even the Masons are in on it.