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I wasn’t going to write about this but now feel it’s the right time to do so!

Have you ever been trolled? Have you ever come across trolling on your blog or social media accounts?
I wrote last month about the dark side of blogging, which you can read here. I now want to give my personal story about trolling. I will warn you it’s going to be a long one, probably best to go make a panad and grab a biscuit of your choice!
I started this blog back in July 2011 I think it was, after I’d started to read other blogs and thought I’d give it a go. Prior to this, about 6 months previously, I started to read a blog about my local area called Thoughts Of Oscar, author unknown (at the time), some posts on this blog were informative but the majority were just downright vindictive, the authors allowed the vilest, most nasty comments to be published, mostly from so called ‘anonymous’ commentator’s, along with their own little twist of the wooden spoon designed to stir the pot some more.
I’d read the blog every now & then, I even followed the Twitter account of the blog and at one time “had lots of praised heaped upon my shoulders” by the authors, who it seemed took an interest in my blog & twitter activity and so that was that. I now know I had the privilege of being watched taking my children to school, with comments left on my blog, obviously designed to creep me out, which they did if I’m honest, I wanted to shut my blog down after 3 months.
After seeing a tweet on Twitter from Oscar, stating that parents of disabled children were selfish to bring those children into the world (who the hell thinks like this?), The H & I decided to have a little look into who Oscar was. Oscar by this time had started to make little indirect digs towards myself & family, even going so far as to give out our address on Twitter.
It wasn’t hard, Oscar was a bit thick, he left himself wide open by leaving his Location Services on, on his iphone, after a bit of research, it was quite obvious that some of the posts came from the rear of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno and a very nice house on Deganwy Avenue in Deganwy, alongside David Jones Solicitors on Trinity Square in Llandudno.
The H then published his findings on his blog. And so we waited for the backlash, sure enough it came our way, for the next few months there was harassment sent our way via Twitter and on the Thoughts Of Oscar blog. We had a load of comments, the usual crap that was spouted by his audience, including a suggestion that The H be shot!
I immediately blocked the ‘Oscar’ Twitter account and then to my surprise, on a Sunday morning, I saw that one of my family photos (taken 9 months earlier) of The H & my children had been stolen from my Twitter account and used to identify my husband and harass him. I should add that what we went through was nothing in comparison to what other people have been put through.
We went to the police to report the harassment, stalking and stolen photograph & were met with a wall of apathy, with the WPC that spoke to us insisting that nothing could be done and were made to feel that if we continued with our complaint that we would face the charge of wasting police time, but we insisted that our complaint was logged.
This September Thoughts Of Oscar and it’s authors were publicly outed by our MP Guto Bebb in parliament as did Michael Creamer via Facebook. Nigel Roberts when he knew the game was up confessed to being he sole author of the blog.
Since then, things have taken another turn, since 2007, people have been complaining to North Wales Police about the blog, begging the police to do something about it. Each complaint has been met with the same response, ‘We don’t know who it is’. This is a lie.
North Wales Police knew full well who was behind the blog. They were even able to ask Nigel Roberts to remove posts with in 2 hours of being asked by a Judge! But when a member of the public asks for something to be done, they refuse to help, I have to ask why? There’s evidence that suggests that North Wales Police have colluded to protect the authors of Thoughts Of Oscar.
Anyone affected by the blog has been asked to get in touch with North Wales Police to make a complaint as the matter is now being reinvestigated, with more and more people coming forward.
Since then we the victims of Thoughts Of Oscar have come together as a group to put pressure on the police to take action against the blog’s authors and to also complain about North Wales Police, more details about our group can be read here.
Right now, there are people who don’t like the fact that we’ve formed a group, they want us to go away. There have been comments such as “they’ve got criminals in that group, they shouldn’t have broken the law, then they wouldn’t have been on the blog etc”. There were many people featured on the blog who weren’t criminals, but they were targeted by it’s authors.
What some narrow minded people can’t understand is that yes, you can break the law, if found guilty, you are punished, you do the crime, you serve the time etc, fair enough but do families, children deserve to be targeted too? Did wives, deceased relatives, children need to be viciously attacked too? No they didn’t. Did business owners deserve to be hounded into leaving the area because of the constant harassment from the blog?

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  1. No need to wonder what would have been the result had this vile, fat, ugly coward, David Nigel Roberts, carried out his disgusting Blog in London a few years ago. There would have bern plenty of people to sort him out such as Charlie and Eddie Richardson, the Kray Twins, "Mad Frankie" Frazer, Jack Vite and Terry Adams to name but a few. All and more would have been happy to deal out justice. Maybe, someone, somewhere in North Wales is just waiting the chance to take on what the Police are ignoring.

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