The Troll blog Thoughts Of Oscar And Its Archives…..

Yesterdays post showing images from the troll blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ pointed out the close relationship between that troll blog and MP for Clwyd West David Jones.

Of course as I have mentioned many times we know Jones to have been a co-author/regular contributor to the blog, despite his continued denials.

That would explain why that blog never attacked Jones as it did every other MP, Councillor or assembly member.

Lets face it if Guto Bebb or Darren Miller had made the outrageous comment Jones did, saying gay partners could not provide a safe and loving environment for the raising of children:
 Guto Bebb or  any other MP, AM member or councillor would have been torn to shreds by the blogs authors, but oh no not Jones……
This is a picture of councillor Joan Vaughan which I have lifted from the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ archives. The authors refereed to this lady as ‘Fag ash lil’ and attacked her terribly, simply because she and others opposed Nigel Roberts (of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno) application to open a bookies on Castle street in Conwy.
 One of the many comments published to stir the pot against Mrs Vaughan
This sign needs no explanation, but was part of that troll blogs disgraceful campaign against Guto Bebb. Again this I lifted from that blogs archives.
An example of how that troll blogs authors sort to undermine Guto Bebb. 
Another example lifted from the archives of that troll blog.
The lady to the left of this photo is Mary Wimbury, if you expand this picture you will see how the authors of that troll blog started to refer to her.
The funny thing here is that when Mrs Wimbury was selected to stand against Guto Bebb for the Aberconwy seat during the last general election, the authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ did a massive u-turn and started to support Mrs Wimbury and that’s despite Nigel Roberts clear hatred of every thing Labour 
The Words from his own mouth/keyboard…..
Below and to the left of this picture is Darren Miller, Tory Assembly member foe Clwyd West. He is extremely disliked by David Jones MP for Clwyd West and co-author/contributor to the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog’,
Mr Miller was vilified by the blog and its authors.
Comments to follow.

Tomorrows post is very revealing…….