The Troll Blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’, and its archives…..

Below is a selection of pictures and comments published by Nigel Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, who as we all know is one of the nasty trolls behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.
Each of the following have their own story to tell and each person concerned was attacked viciously by that troll blogs authors.
This is a picture of Carrie Parisella handing over a cheque for £15,000 to Ty Gobaith, a charity run retreat for terminally ill children and their family’s.
Carrie is a successful business woman who has never been in trouble and was just seeking to help.
The authors behind ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ chose to attack this lady simply because of who she is, they were so vicious in their vileness towards Carrie that they even used her deceased relatives in their attacks upon her.
What kind of twisted minds would behave like this?
When this was reported to North Wales police with all supporting evidence guess what they said?
“There is nothing we can do, we do not know who the authors are”, LIARS “even if we did the evidence does not cross the threshold” LIARS. 
Now this next screen shot lifted from that troll blog is somewhat more disturbing, as you will see this was sent to the blog by a young lady called Sera. Sera works for Tudno radio which itself was lambasted on that troll blog.
Sera responded to the hateful things the authorship of the blog were saying about Tudno Radio and its staff.
All Sera did was politely stick up for herself and her colleagues, in return the authors revoltingly attacked her, below is her response to those attacks.
The irony of what she says is in effect true. North Wales police have allowed Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno and his co-authors to say and do as they please and continue to do so. Why? what are they hiding/protecting?

Now is taken from the blog Mr Llandudno and was joyfully published on the troll blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’.
Craig Ollerton was probably the most attacked person on that blog since at least 2008 the authors tore into this young man simply because he had successfully launched a local forum and magazine, both of which were eventually stolen from him by Ian Ralph and Dave Roberts of the three towns forum.
Craig received threatening letters from David Jones solicitors basically telling him to desist in his efforts trying to expose those responsible for that troll blog, or legal action would pursue.
Eventually Craig re-located to Blackpool but the authors of ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ then went and opened a Blackpool blog just to continue their vile harassment of Craig.
He eventually left Blackpool to study in Cardiff .
The authors then traced him to Cardiff and sort not only to attack him but also his girlfriend.
All this was reported to North Wales police and guess what they said?
“There is nothing we can do, we do not know who the authors are”, LIARS “even if we did the evidence does not cross the threshold” LIARS. 
The below piece was sent by Craig to Mr Llandudno in the hope Mr Llandudno could get the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ authors to remove some disgusting comments they had published on their troll blog, comments that attacked Craig and his girlfriend,
but all the authors did was republish his comments to Mr Llandudno.
Again I ask you “what kind of sick minds would do something so vile”?

Tom Davidson a North Wales weekly news reporter and a huge ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ fan.
Information was regularly passed between Davidson and the blog, in return when ever possible the authors would publish comments made by Davidson.
The authors of ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ despised the unfortunate amongst us.
What are they trying to say about these people? was it not clear to that troll blogs authors that these three people obviously could not smoke inside hence the reason for the wall mounted ashtray.
The comment below this picture was completely unnecessary but typical of the authors mentality. 

 One of Llandudno’s eccentrics, completely harmless but attacked by the authors behind that troll blog.
Darren Miller, a regular target for the blogs authors and why? Because MP for Clwyd West David Jones and co-author/contributor to the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ troll blog and Mr Miller did not see eye to eye.

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  1. Plenty to say about me the gutless fiend, exactly who does he think he is. When my friend stands outside the shop with a can of cider in his hand he can only sing his praises, talk about split personality disorder here. Twisted mind of a pathetic shop keeper if you ask me. I will remind my fluffy little monkey to steer clear of hanging out with those bean filled bears in future. Yours, the Monkey Man.

  2. One only has to look at David Nigel Roberts the 'orrible Troll behind the Thoughts of Odcar blog, and he will get you arrested by one of his mates in the Fuzz.

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