Taken From Oscars Second Thoughts…..

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


We are the bearers of good news!   As a follow on from the previous post “What price honesty” we are happy to publish this update.

The Blog is pleased to report that at the eleventh hour, the CPS have dropped the charges against Richie Windmill made following Nigel Roberts’ claim of harassment, and will not be taking any further action in the case.  The reason given being lack of evidence.  

This tends to illustrate quite conclusively that the charge should not have been made in the first place, and further demonstrates the ends to which the North Wales Police will go to help David Nigel Roberts. 

This trumped up charge, totally fabricated by Roberts and his Wife, Wendy, resulted in Richie Windmill being arrested at his home in front of his wife and children, handcuffed, searched and taken to St Asaph Police Headquarters where after being kept for a number of hours was verbally assaulted by the Police with the fabricated story given to them by the Roberts’. Knowing that nothing Roberts had alleged was true, he denied everything and even  pointed out the conflict between the CCTV evidence they used   This told a completely different story to what they suggested, and in fact, showed Roberts as the aggressor!  Richie Windmill’s movements around town were restricted by his bail conditions and he later had to appear at Llandudno Magistrates Court to answer the charge.  An effort, with a bit of plea bargaining, was made by the CPS to obtain a guilty plea, which would have meant that Richie Windmill could have been convicted on extremely flimsy evidence.  Instead Richie Windmill chose to be properly tried, give his own evidence, and have the opportunity to question the evidence of his adversary, as British Justice allows.  The date for a trial was set for tomorrow (29/7).  This strong stand by Richie Windmill and the lies of the Roberts’ due to be exposed by CCTV evidence, must have made the CPS and the Roberts realise they were on the losing horse, and a telephone call this afternoon gave the news of the case being closed with no evidence being offered.

This decision by the CPS must have come as a big surprise to Roberts, who was probably relieved that he would not have to give evidence in Court, despite his annoyance at not seeing Richie Windmill in the dock.

The fact that a miscarriage of Justice did not occur can only be put down to the resilience of Richie Windmill and his determination that the corrupt influences in North Wales Police, and the spite and nastiness of David Nigel Roberts would not succeed. 

Justice has now, at least, been seen to be done.

You let me down this time lads, no more Mars Bars or beanie babies for you!
Picture courtesy of a reader.