More From The Archives Of That Bloody Disgusting Troll Blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’, Published By Nigel Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno & Co-Authored/contributed By/To The Right Honourable/No Longer Honourable, MP For Clwyd West David Jones.

part one…..

One of Nigel Roberts favourite past times and that of his co-authors, was stalking people, photographing them and their families. Once they had gratified their need to stalk they would then move on to the maligning of their victims, their victims families and even the deceased family members of their victims.

Quite sick really, but the typical behaviour of a troll.

The easiest pray for these disturbed individuals would be someone who had been involved in criminality, whether that be by their own doing or not, so basically you were guilty no matter what and these disgusting trolls would act as judge, jury and executioner and cared not for the effect they had.

One such unlucky person was a lady called Lyn Smith. Lyn was prosecuted for fraud in the civil courts, regardless of whether this lady was guilty or not she was never going to receive a fair trial.

Nigel Roberts had received information, (I suspect from one of his co-authors or the police) that Lyn Smith was being investigated long before she was even arrested and as a result set out on a campaign against her, her extremely successful business and her family.

This campaign would without a doubt have tainted the minds of those responsible for her eventual prosecution and sentence.

I do not condone what this lady was accused of but I do believe in innocent till proven guilty, meaning that everything associated with this matter should be completely impartial and  not allowed to be influenced by the twisted minds behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and others of it’s kind.

Below is an example of the way these depraved individuals went about their trolling, please be patient this will be a long post but completely necessary.

Once you read this opening post published on that troll blog you will see/understand by it’s tone that the authors do not like the fact that Lyn Smith, an outsider, had opened a shop, god forbid in Llandudno & this is where it starts.
Then the attacking post and comments start coming, one thing you will notice is the time’s the responders start their response’s, there is not a blog around that gets responses to its post that quick, most of the responders are the authors themselves, it helps promote/support their disgusting behaviour.

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