What’s In A Name…..

Richie is any man who has the greatest sexual attributes, a powerful godly personality, scientifically calculated that many boys with the name Richie tend to have a very large penis which is why its nickname is Dick, a Richie is the kind of guy a girl needs not only for sexual pleasure but for romantic nights out, richie’s are creative, handsome, poetic, and humorous. Not many are found in the world but it’s said that many girl’s are lucky to know one if they come across.
Everything sucked until I met a Richie, so cute so poetic so sexual!
Richie is a diminutive (nickname) of Richard.
The name Richard is derived from the Germanic elements ric meaning “power, rule” and hardmeaning “strong, brave, hardy”.
The name Richard is derived from the Germanic elements ricmeaning “power, rule” and hard meaning “strong, brave, hardy”.
The name was introduced to Britain by the Normans.
Richard was the name of three of England’s kings including Richard I the Lionheart, who lead the Third Crusade in the 12th century.
Glad I am a Richie, not a David or a Nigel…..