Wendy’s Lies…..

Here follows Wendy Ann Roberts police statement about me, when she and her husband Nigel Roberts, of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, the nasty internet troll who was responsible for the publication of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, accused me of violent harassment……………to which I repeat all charges were dropped.

CCTV evidence in fact proved the opposite, showing both of the Roberts’s to be the aggressors, even having a go at my young son. 

So here is what Wendy had to say:

In the last paragraph on this first page Wendy accuses myself and another of intimidating her in her troll shop, the shop in question has more CCTV cameras than MI6 yet no evidence of intimidation was ever presented, why? because like her husband, the internet troll Nigel, she is a liar.

The CCTV evidence clearly shows Wendy’s account of what happened here on page two, is completely incorrect.
Page three is full of lies, she at one stage amongst other lies, accuses me of putting my face into the troll Nigel’s, when in fact it was the complete opposite, which the CCTV demonstrates.
She then accuses me of puffing my chest and squaring my shoulders as if to hit her husband Nigel the internet troll, during the time that the troll Nigel approached me and put his face in mine my hands were in my pockets and my shoulders down, again the complete opposite to that which Wendy accuses me.
Then she tries to intimate that I might hit a woman.
This last part of Wendy’s statement is the most accurate, what she does not go on to say is that both she and her troll husband then followed me, (something I was unaware of till I viewed the full CCTV), then both her and the troll Nigel hang around in the middle of Gloddeath street for a good five minutes after the incident, again something the police never showed me, when showing me the CCTV during questioning, why?
It is also worth pointing out that Nigel the troll in his statement says Wendy was extremely upset and distressed by what had happened, well at no time does he try to console this distressed upset lady and at no time does she appear distressed or upset.
More lies.


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  1. What a bloody laugh! Nigel and Wendy, how on earth did they think they could get away with such a tissue of lies? Just shows what sort of people they are, willing to subject an ordinary person to purjured evidence with a view to damaging his life and reputation. No wonder the case was dropped or Nigel and Wendy would be sharing a few years behind bars themselves. Still, with no kids to worry about it would be just like another holiday for them!
    Another investigation is underway and Nigel may yet find himself in the Dock.

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