More From The Archives Of The Troll Blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’…..

As I have pointed out before Nigel Roberts the internet troll from Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, liked nothing more than to publish anything he could that could possibly besmirch all local  MP’s, bar one!

His favourite target was Guto Bebb, why? well I can only assume because the only MP never besmirched on the troll blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’, David Jones MP for Clwyd West, had a distinct dislike of Mr Bebb and for what reason?

Is it because Mr Bebb is well liked and more importantly well respected by not only staunch Tory voters in his ward but also many others with alternate political persuasions.

Is it because Mr Bebb is pro active with all his constituents and not just those with status?
 Is it because of Mr Bebbs strong moral approach to life and people in general.

Is it because Mr Bebb was once a member of Plaid? You only have to read the archives of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ to understand the obvious dislike of Plaid the authors had.

Is it because Mr Bebbs background is pretty ordinary compared to some.

Or is it simply because Mr Bebb is not a stuck up arrogant snob? 

What ever the case the authors/contributors of that troll blog, which we must remind ourselves David Ian Jones MP for Clwyd West was, defiantly did not like Mr Bebb. 

Below are some of the milder comments they published about Mr Bebb, these will perhaps give the reader an understanding of the mentality which commands the warped mind of an internet troll.

Something that really intrigues me about the likes of Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno is why he and others like him choose to behave in such a disgusting manner when trolling over the internet?

Roberts was born into a life of privilege, he has never gone without, he has never had to work, that is apart from a short spell in WHSMITHS as a youngster.

He lives in a nice big house, he owns several other inherited properties, he can holiday whenever and where ever he likes.

All in all he is a very lucky man, so what are people like him lacking in their life’s that makes them want to behave in such a dreadful way?

If you read the many studies published about those who troll over the internet there are many reasons the professionals believe create this kind of behaviour but most often it comes down to a sexual deficiency or abnormality.