PC 1854 Gary James Of North Wales Police and his statement…..

PC 1854 Gary James of North Wales police interviewed me under caution after I was arrested and detained on 27-04-2015.

I had been falsely accused by the internet trolls Nigel and Wendy Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, of violently harassing them.

Here’s Nigel striding towards my son and I, in a very aggressive fashion.
Of course I photographed him for my sons and my well being.

PC 1854 Gary James interviews me for nearly three hours during which time this silly little man, while behaving in the manner of Rumpole of the Bailey, tries relentlessly to get me to admit to something of which I’m clearly not guilty of. Please refer to this CCTV evidence:


While viewing the CCTV evidence PC 1854 five times say,s I stepped toward Nigel Roberts, put my face in his and was very aggressive, please take a moment to watch that extract and you will clearly see the opposite happens.

PC 1854 must have been on the funny fags as his vision was definitely non to clever, much like his mentality.

Here is PC 1854’s statement to the court:

Here this incompetent so called police officer makes several mistakes or should I say tells several lies, including mentioning the name Sylvester Wilson as being a member of www.victimsofoscar.com. I do not, I do mention other names and also state that there are 29 members of VOO.

He says I say, that the investigation conducted by a private investigator concluded that the ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’ blog was contributed to by Paul Roberts, Stephen Dickens and a Steve Davies as well as others.
The three mentioned were never mentioned in connection with the authorship of that troll blog, but were mentioned in reference to their involvement with Nigel Roberts & only by me not the private investigator.

On this the second page of his statement this incompetent foolish little man lies repeatedly, these lies I pointed out to the court at the plea hearing, as a consequence the magistrates ordered the CPS to revue my recorded interview and transcribe the relevant parts to ascertain the truth, as a consequence of the CCTV evidence and PC 1854 GARY JAME’S LIES, all charges were dropped.
This third sheet is my court defence to this untrustworthy lying police officers lies.

How can we possibly trust the police when it is clear so many of them are inept and corrupt.

Not sure how relevant this is but PC 1854 Gary James is a Freemason.

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  1. This Police Officer has posdibly not heard of PACE, and certainly does not how to apply it! Freemason also? He needs expelling from the Force and the Brotherhood.

  2. I say In my day we would never put up with twalaks like this chap, time to put a stop to these shanakins…..

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