Nigel & Wendy Roberts The Internet Trolls From Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno And Their Use Of False Twitter Accounts To Attack The Victims Of Their De-funct Troll Blog ‘Thoughts Of Oscar’.

Yesterday I introduced to the reader ‘Iolo Morganwg’ one of the many alias’s used on Twitter by Nigel & Wendy Roberts to attack the victims of Oscar, today we have more of their alias’s please take note of the similarities…..

Nigel and Wendy introduce another of their alias’s Orme Fox Steve, this short list of tweets are aimed at me and try to paint me out as a bit of a nutter, nothing new there, Nigel & Wendy do exactly the same with all their alias’s.
A common defensive action for an internet troll, is to attack any of their victims who fight back, in this repetitive and aggressive manner, it’s called deflection.

Nigel & Wendy introduce ‘Jon Bevan’, at this point no Tweets.
Their first three tweets are aimed at members of Voo, although there are no mention of names at this point we know for sure these tweets are aimed at us because of their previous similar rantings. 
 Again same same…..
This next picture is a screen shot of Nigel & Wendy’s alias Jon Bevan clearly promoting the troll blog CSI Llandudno which was created for the sole purpose of attacking members of VOO,
It is also worth reminding the reader that Nigel Roberts says in a sworn police statement that prior to the 27-04-2015 he had not heard of or had anything to do with CSI Llandudno yet on the 20-04-2015 he publishes a comment on the ‘Thoughts of Oscar closed page, clearly promoting CSI Llandudno.

Nigel and Wendy Roberts along with their co-authors/contributors, such as MP FOR CLWYD WEST DAVID IAN JONES are compulsive liars. 

Nigel and Wendy’s next alias is Athol Wilson! I publish the Athol Wilson Tweets with the kind permission of his brother but with extreme reluctance, all will be explained.