Disappointed? Yes, Giving Up? Never…..

Nigel & Wendy Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno and their associated internet trolls, get away with it again.

On April 5th this year Nigel Roberts the internet troll and co, launched the troll blog CSI Llandudno, their intention with this blog was not just to attack all the victims of their previous troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, that was never going to be enough for them, this time they were going to cause as much damage as possible by inciting others to act against various members of VOO, www.victimsofoscar.com.

This is something I will demonstrate by re-publishing all the vile posts they themselves published.

We, that is to say their victims reported all the actions of these nasty people to North Wales police. At no time did we expect North Wales police to investigate to any great extent, why? well after the debarkle of an investigation carried out by DC Chris Walsh and his inept/corrupt boss and Freemason DS John Hanson, why would we.

This has all be documented here on this blog before so I will not bore you with detail.

I wish to point out at this stage that I sincerely believe Inspector Emma Naughton and her investigating Sargent Paul Bricknell carried out a more professional and thorough investigation into the CSI blog and it’s authorship, much more so than DS John Hanson and DC Chris Walsh did into their ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ investigation.

For a start Roberts was interviewed under caution by Paul Bricknell and alternate sources of evidence were sought, the case against Roberts was good but the CPS decided that because Roberts used the cloak of anonymity they would find it difficult to prove his guilt in a court of law.

Personally I think that’s a load of bull, for a start the similarities in the writing styles stand out like a sore thumb, any linguistics expert would prove that. Then there’s the pseudonyms Roberts and his co-authors regularly used to respond to their vile posts on ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ which he also used on CSI and his other troll blogs. Those two elements alone would be enough to prove guilt if the CPS wished to do.

I also believe that no matter how thorough an investigation was carried out, there are others more powerful that would ultimately decide the outcome.

Just to explain that statement during the investigation into the ‘Thoughts of Oscar blog’ Hanson and Walsh never interviewed Nigel Roberts under caution or otherwise, they never sought any more evidence than that supplied to them by that blogs victims, which in its self was enough for a prosecution, they never even thought to approach Google or twitter to gather evidence from the archives of the blog or Twitter account.

This is all despite the fact that Nigel Roberts declared he was the sole author of that blog, in any other circumstance that should have been more than enough for a prosecution, but not in the case of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and its authors, why? what were/are the police hiding or protecting or both of course? here are some facts I think answers that question.

  1. During ‘Thoughts of Oscar’s’ seven year reign, between 2007/2014, North Wales police denied all knowledge of who the authorship was. We categorically know that to be a lie. Chief Super intendant Simon Humphrey’s, Freemason, knew as early as 2009, Inspector Ian Verburg, Freemason, knew from at least 2010, DC Don Kenyon, Freemason knew without a doubt from 2010, PC Lisa Jones who interviewed Lyn Smith in 2009 after MS Smith complained about the blog, knew who the authors were, but when she interviewed my wife and I in 2013 she denied all knowledge of the blog or its authors, why? here we have a web of lies from the very people we should be able to trust.
  2. We know categorically the the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ was contributed to and co-authored by some prominent local people. The most prominent would be MP for CLWYD WEST and Secretary Of State For Wales between 2012/2014, DAVID IAN JONES and Freemason. This is an undeniable fact for several reasons the most important would be a recorded admission by his long term business partner and co-author to that blog Dylan Moore and a recorded admission from his computer tech Ian Ralph who states that Jones regularly contributed/authored the blog and Dylan Moore acted as a buffer for information between Jones & Roberts.
  3. Then we have the admission from Dylan Moore That Nigel Roberts Passed information to the police, which implies Roberts is a police informant.
  4. More importantly than the above the blog was used as a tool for effecting certain criminal and civil trails, before and during particular trials, damning and in many cases false information would be published on the blog about the accused and their families which would undoubtedly have sowed the seeds of a persons guilt in the eyes of any Jury. These comments only ever ceased if they had become known to defence council who would bring it to the attention of the judge who in turn would then order the comments removed and that no more to be published for the duration of the trail, as was the case in 2010 during the Creamer trails held at Mold Crown court.

So taking the four above points into account, if Hanson and Walsh had investigated as thoroughly as Paul Bricknell & Emma Naughton, remembering that Nigel Roberts had taken responsibility for the blog, so they unlike Bricknell and Naughton were not having to prove the guilt of a person who used the cloak of anonymity, then Roberts at the very least would now be paying for the awful effect his and his co-authors actions had on so many others.

So lets take point 1, and what would have happened if Roberts as he should have been, had been prosecuted, 1, North Wales police would have to admit they knew all along who the authors were and explain why they consistently lied.

2, MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones’s involvement would have been exposed, probably resulting in him being deselected and nationally shamed, exposing him as an internet troll. He does not want that any more than the Tory party he represents does, can you imagine the headlines? hence the reason he is trying so hard to shut me up.

3, The cover up by North Wales police makes perfect sense if indeed as we believe Nigel Roberts is a police informant.

4, Can you imagine the backlash if the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar and been truly exposed for what it was, just the trials alone it impacted on would have to be revued and or re-opened, resulting in a huge uproar against North Wales Police, the compensation claims alone would be massive.

5, Now although there is no point 5 above it is really important to look at the Freemason connection.
Freemasonry we know has had a massive influence on criminal trials on promotional advancement within the institution of our police forces and the protection of their members of which Nigel Roberts is one.

So to finish we the victims are back at stage one, Nigel Roberts and his co-authors can relax again, for now. I personally will never desist in my pursuit of these people and the truth,they in turn will continue to try and keep me quiet.

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  1. So as far as the Noth Wales Police are concerned the 29 (or more) people targetted by that vile wretch David Nigel Roberts, are getting absolutely no help from the Police, the Crown Prosecution Service or the so called Protection from the Judicial system of the Country.

    David Nigel Roberts deserves to be branded "a willfully perjured individual, devoid of all moral worth, and totally unfit to be received into any Lodge, or Society of men who prize honour and virtue above the external advantages of rank and fortune."

    David Nigel Roberts will get his due deserts one day, maybe even at the hands of one of those he chose to attack with his vile words.

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