One More Of The False Twitter Accounts Operated By Nigel & Wendy Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno…..

With this account @Pgormellan (Meaning Great Orme Llandudno) Nigel & Wendy Roberts the internet trolls from Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno try to be clever!
They use the account primarily to attack a retired gentleman of 78 years old who is not in the best of health, simply because he is a member of aka VOO. 
This same gentleman and his lovely wife were also attacked relentlessly on the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, belonging to Nigel, Wendy & others.

Previous to the twitter  account @Pgormellan  Nigel & Wendy Roberts used another account called @WilsonAthol, this account was used to attack other members of VOO which I will prove by publishing later.
The worse and most despicable thing is the name Wilson Athol or Athol Wilson was the name of the deceased brother of this elderly gentleman.

This was a common practice of Nigel and Wendy Roberts and their co-authors/contributors like MP FOR CLWYD WEST DAVID JONES. These people would regularly use the names of deceased relatives to attack their victims. It’s absolutely vile but typical behaviour of internet trolls.

By using the names of deceased relatives, Nigel, Wendy and their co-authors intended to create as much hurt and worry as possible, can you the reader imagine how you would feel if someone attacked you anonymously over the internet using the name or names of your deceased loved ones? I cannot think of anything worse.

 You can see below how the authors try to twist things making their victims look like the troublemakers,  with the intention of deflecting any blame away from them.
A very common practice amongst people like the Roberts’s/internet trolls. 
 You may note the account mentioned below @C_Dearden, this account belongs to Chris Dearden a BBC Wales reporter, if you take care to read all of Nigel & Wendy’s accounts which I will publish, you will note they regularly try to draw in the same news reporters and local press, in the hope of trying to make matters worse for their victims.

This last Tweet above Nigel is communicating with one of his  co-authors of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, Chris Drew.

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  1. I find your Blog and the way you are setting out your grievances very interesting and informative. However I do wonder whether your repeating of Oscars words actually compounds the effect on the victims, by them receiving another dose of Oscars bile after maybe having got over the original impact of his first onslaught. For some of the victims I can imagine this repeat as being more distressing than the first sighting. Conversely it may be helping others to understand the motives of the pathetic, lonely individual who was responsible. Were I one of his victims the Police would not have got a look in and Mr Roberts would now be riding around in a wheelchair. Such a situation may eventually come to pass.

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