More Of The False Twitter Accounts Operated By Nigel & Wendy Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno…..

As I have demonstrated in recent posts Nigel & Wendy Roberts the internet trolls from Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno, created and operated numerous anonymous Twitter accounts to attack members of VOO, and their families.

One of their favourite things to use when creating these accounts was the names of deceased relatives of their victims, as in this next example.

@WilsonAthol, this Twitter account took the name of an elderly member of VOO’s deceased brother Athol Wilson, and was used primarily to have a go at me.

You can see below as with other of the Roberts’s false accounts, they continue to try to make themselves out to be the victims and the person/persons they attack to be the villain. Its called deflection and is common behaviour for people who troll using anonymity.
 Below is much of the same but in one tweet they publish they ask me to publish the transcripts.
This is a reference to the covertly recorded conversations we had with some of the authors/contributors behind the ‘Thoughts of Oscar troll blog’.
Two Of which were MP For Clwyd West David Jones and his business partner Dylan Moore.
These conversations were professionally transcribed and made available on request.
At no time have we ever received a request from any of the authors behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.
If we had they would have been anonymous so how can we provide something to someone who in reality does not exist?
But to appease the Roberts’s and their fellow trolls I will shortly publish them on this blog.
 Again below its much of the same and the Roberts’s are still rattling on about requests for the transcripts and the recordings.
The only request we have ever had have been from the police and solicitors.
 Things get a little more interesting here. I deliberately published my past indiscretions to pre-empt what the trolls Nigel & Wendy Roberts would do with that information.
They oblige me and behave exactly as I knew they would, as is demonstrated in the first and last tweet below.
Just to clarify, I had a drug problem when I was about 19 for which I spent just over a year in a rehab unit, prior to that I stole money from an employer to fund that habit, I’m not proud of my actions but did seek professional help and I have never repeated that behaviour.
Nigel and Wendy Roberts glorified in that information.
 Below is much of the same.

 Tomorrow yet another false account set up by the trolls Nigel & Wendy Roberts. 

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  1. Nige Seems as if he was off his head and just keeps banging away at the same old things. Has he had a head scan recently because there must ne some injury unless he was dropped on it as a child. Some do say that he has never appeared to be completely compos mentis. An ambulance and little men in green coats could turn up outside the house or shop any day now. Its very possible that the Police will form a Military style escort for him. Not a cold concrete cell for DNR, but a nice cosy padded one so that he doesnt hurt himself or others.

  2. My oh my what a terrible situation, I know cleaners who could easily take care of this low life

  3. Looks as tho the Police Chiefs need sectioning since one Force has decided that they will only respond to burglaries on properties with EVEN numbers.
    What next? Only Murders committed on Fridays, or Rapes on Wednesdays, or GBH on Mondays. How effin' ridiculous, and thats what we pay our Rates for!

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