More Of The False Twitter Accounts Operated By Nigel & Wendy Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno…..

 More of the false accounts operated by the internet trolls behind the ‘Thoughts of Oscar Blog’, Nigel & Wendy Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno.

@seagritter is their next account which was banned and removed by Twitter for it’s trolling behaviour.

 Typical behaviour of an internet troll and clearly demonstrated in the other Twitter accounts I have re-published on this blog, operated by Roberts.
Roberts again behaves like the victim.
 Then typically Roberts tries to draw others in to promote a negative response to the persons he is accusing of trolling him, in this case me.
You notice the lack of anonymity on my part, unlike Roberts and his co authors.
 Much of the same but the pattern is obvious.

Much more to follow.