More Of The False Twitter Accounts Operated By Nigel & Wendy Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno…..

Nigel & Wendy Roberts continue with their internet trolling, only ever anonymously and most often the names they used were that of deceased relatives of their victims as in the case of @WilsonAthol which I published yesterday and is where we start again today.

As I have  mentioned previously, to pre-empt the disgusting behaviour of these two internet trolls I published my past indiscretions to see how they would use that information, as is typical they took the bait and used it to discredit me and my family.

One thing they absolutely revelled in was my wife’s age when I met her…..! I should add here this fact was not an indiscretion.

So to explain, I met my lovely wife three months before her sixteenth birthday, that was back in 1997, we have been together for nearly 19 years, we have three wonderful children and I think with confidence I can say we are extremely happy and still very much in love.

These two internet trolls and their co-authors choose to use that information to make me out to be a sexual deviant and or a paedophile, publishing the following.

As you will see in this tweet from their @WilsonAthol account they are clearly suggesting my relationship with my wife was shall we say inappropriate.
But here they take their vileness to a whole new level, they stole this picture of my wife from her face book profile.
Its obvious what it is, a little girl in her school uniform.
First they suggest my name is or was Swan, which is baffling to say the least.
Then they publish completely incorrect information about my age, my marital status and the number of children I had with my first wife, but are suggesting that I groomed my wife from a very young age.
To even tell such horrible lies is disgusting in its self,but can you imagine what might of happened  if somebody took that information as just so and decided to act against me my wife or goodness forbid our children.
Nigel & Wendy Roberts and their co-authors/contributors to all their blogs and Twitter accounts would have given no thought at all to the possible repercussions of their vile actions.
They are disgusting and should be locked up.
The picture and comment above was taken from Nigel’s latest troll blog called CSI Llandudno, which existed just to attack all members of VOO
The rest of that blog and its comments will be published here soon, along with posts from the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar and the comments that followed. Showing the similarities between Roberts’s blogs, writing styles and responders.
Later today more of their false Twitter accounts.

1 thought on “More Of The False Twitter Accounts Operated By Nigel & Wendy Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno…..”

  1. Is there no depth too low that this Troll Nigel Roberts will not go to level vile filth and innuendo at innocent people? It is about time this character was confronted and punished for all the hurt he has caused others over the years. His addiction to causing misery to others is demonstrated by his continuing to open new Blogs and accounts just to carry on with his disgusting business.
    I am making it my business to deal with him and he will find that I am a very tough customer to handle. Just got to do my homework and decide on best time to get him at the shop, an audience would be useful, and just to show what other Trolls can expect if they carry on in the same way.

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