More Of The False Twitter Accounts Operated By Nigel & Wendy Roberts Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno…..

This next Twitter account set up by the internet trolls, Nigel and Wendy Roberts is very much the same as all the rest but I feel worth publishing just to help demonstrate just how persistent these people are when it comes to their internet antics.

Next we have some screen shots of the one and only account Nigel Roberts had, which was operated in his own name and for at least seven years, consequently it led Twitter to the conclusion that all the other accounts I have published recently on this blog, were run by the same person, Twitter banned & closed all of them including this long running personal account.

I picked this particular Tweet because of it’s threatening nature!

Let me explain……Nigel Roberts and his co-authors/contributors to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, for many years tormented a young man called Craig Ollerton. Because of their behaviour Craig eventually  moved away and relocated to Blackpool. Roberts and co traced him to Blackpool, they opened a new blog called ‘Blackpool Local’, which did nothing but attack Craig, making him out to be a thief and a liar. Which is malicious and completely untrue.

Nigel Roberts wrongly assumed Craig is behind the Twitter account @mrllandudno, which is quite amusing and stereo typical of Roberts.
@mrllandudno had said something over Twitter which made reference to the close relationship Nigel Roberts has with Steve Dickens.
Believing @mrllandudno to be Craig Nigel publishes this tweet clearly threatening Craig and inviting him to say whatever it was that @mrllandudno tweeted, to his face, or better still as he says “lets go and see Cafe Cultrure”, that Cafe at the time was owned by Dickens.

 This Tweet is undoubtedly a reference to the victims of Oscar, the group set up by me and as I have stated before all 29 of us, our spouse’s our children and even our deceased relatives had been relentlessly attacked by the blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and its authors/contributors.
Typical again of Nigel, he tries to make himself out to be the victim.

After Twitter removed Roberts long standing personal account @nigelroberts1, Roberts then opened up the below account @Aberconwy2015, Twitter quickly concluded that this account had also been opened by Nigel Roberts and removed it from existence.