More Of Nigel Roberts, Of Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno, False Twitter Accounts…..

Nigel Roberts was extremely upset when he was revealed as one of the internet trolls behind that dreadful troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, not only did he hurriedly delete the archives of that blog but he also had to delete the Twitter account of the same name, which he used to promote his blog and troll others in a similar fashion. 

Not to be one put down Nigel started a campaign against his victims and members of VOO

For this very purpose Nigel went on to open numerous twitter accounts, one of the first was a new Oscar account, as set out below.

 Note the similarities with this and other accounts of his I recently published.

I would love to believe that North Wales police are using their new cyber crime unit to do just that.
I doubt it though, their more interested in shutting me up and protecting their own!
As we know Nigel is a police informant.