Nigel & Wendy Roberts Withdraw Their Lies About Me…..David Jones MP For Clwyd West Continues To Use His Influences To Prosecute Me…..

Nigel and Wendy Roberts the internet trolls from, Nigel Roberts Newsagents In Llandudno & 2 Hawes Drive, Deganwy, on the 27th of April this year reported me to the police for violent harassment.

Something which I was entirely innocent of and for which there was no evidence apart from their statements.

As I blogged about this previously I shall keep the details brief.

The police sort the CCTV evidence which they tried to suggest showed me violently harassing the Roberts’s, it did not, it showed them confronting my young son and I.

At the plea hearing I was encouraged by the court and the prosecution to plead guilty which would have resulted in a lesser punishment for me, I turned down their kind offer, after all I was innocent.

At the first trial date on 01-07-2015 Roberts and his wife attended looking very sheepish. Because of another case running over the hearing was postponed until the 29-07-2015.

Hours before attending court we received a phone call to inform me that the CPS had dropped the charge and the case was closed.

We were advised that it was indeed the CPS who dropped the charge due to lack of evidence!!!!

They did not, Nigel and Wendy Roberts withdrew their statements stating that they did not wish to attend court, I bet they didn’t, because in the words of my solicitor, “I am quite disappointed, I was looking forward to cross examining them”.

I was looking forward to watching them have to defend their lies, for the first time it would have demonstrated to the public just how much of a lying lowlife people like them are, then undoubtedly questions would have been asked why the police and the CPS spent so much money on bringing a case like this to court in the first place, yet these authorities refused to do anything about Nigel Roberts and the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog despite many complaints and a huge amount of evidence in support.

I counter claimed against the Roberts’s, the police advised me that the CPS would not pursue my counter claim, shock horror. Lets face it if Nigel Roberts or any of his co-authors to the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog blatantly robbed the bank of England, North Wales police and the CPS would not pursue them.

Some people are all but untouchable but then understandable so in the case of Roberts, who is a police informant, he also has the protection of MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones and his connections and of course the Masonic influences.

It all sounds very far fetched for a little place like Llandudno, let me assure you prior to my getting involve with all this ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ outrage, if someone had come to me with a story of corruption that involved the sacked ex secretary of state for Wales & currant MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones, an overweight Newsagent Nigel Roberts whose speciality is Beanie Bears, a partner in the prominent solicitors practice, David Jones Solicitors, Dylan Moore, a retired Journalist, Ruby Williams, an ex member of the police commission, Chris Drew. a coffee shop owner and discredited landlord & over weight bully, Steve Dickens, and an ex computer shop owner Ian Ralph and their just the ones we no about.  

I would have laughed at them and thought them nuts.

As I have said before at the same time I was arrested for the false accusations brought against me by Nigel & Wendy Roberts, I was also arrested for supposedly impeding David Jones chance of being re-elected during the recent general election, this is despite the fact that he increased his majority and maintained his seat.

His reason for this is the article, I published on the 02-05-2015:

Everything in this article had been in the public domain prior to the electoral period and I stand by its content.

Again the police and the CPS are determined to prosecute me for what I’ve published about David Jones in this article, despite the fact it’s all true and supported, so why are they going to so much trouble and incurring so much expense at a huge cost to the tax payer.

The CPS have even employed a specialist lawyer costing thousands of pounds.

This is another example of the corruption that exists between North Wales police, the CPS and people involved with the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. Tell me why for seven years was Nigel Roberts and his co-authors/contributors to that troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, never prosecuted despite all the complaints made to North Wales police and the terrible harassment of many.
These people used homophobic hate comments, hateful comments about the disabled, painted some people out to be paedophiles, drove one man to take his own life and attacked every local politician/councillor except David Jones.

I have no doubt this will end up in court after all David Jones has stated he wishes to cause me and my family the maximum amount of harm he can, this is all because I refuse to give up my exposing him as an author/contributor of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

This whole thing stinks and has to be exposed, so I will not ever desist, mark my words David Jones I will expose you for the devious little liar you are.

There has be a book and or even a movie in all this once its all over and in the public domain, I mean it’s so far fetched, Jack Higgins would be proud of it.