An Email From The Past…..

I find it wonderfully exciting that when trying to expose liars every now and again incriminating evidence falls into my hands which undoubtedly expose’s those lying people I’m battling, to be just that…..

Be careful what you wish for Nigel, David and Dylan etc, you might just get it…..your past just may come back and haunt you!!!

This is one for Thursday…..

The overweight fat troll. 

 His bezzie mate and co troll MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones.
 The slippery corrupt solicitor and co troll Dylan Moore.
Befuddled ex reporter and co-troll red wine Ruby.
Ex member of the police commission, Freemason and Rotarian Chris Drew, oh and general busy body.  
Steve Dickens, Nigel Roberts good mate from school and ex enforcer for the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ plus general scum bag.
Save the best/funniest till last
Steve ‘Rico’ Davies ( the Rico makes him hard), ex football thug now working as a lackey at the University of California.

2 thoughts on “An Email From The Past…..”

  1. This must be getting very embarrassing for them all. Why people go to such great lengths to lie and deny all knowledge is beyond me.

  2. Remember Rico. Knobbed my mates misses years back, got a good spankin for it too in the Links bet he remembers that well. Little welcome party here waiting for him at Christmas. Looking forward to opening a christmas cracker or two with him.

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