A Continuation Of The Not So Honourable MP For Clwyd West, David Ian Jones And His Official Police Statement…..

Page 5,  For the benefit of those who have been following this fabrication of fantasy and lies, the best is yet to come.

One thing I have to ask, how can some people lie so consistently? even those of us that you think would know better or should I have said show a better example.

Perhaps these sort of people are living in a constant state of fantasy and believe their behaviour/lies are the norm.

I’ve done some crumby things in my time but compared to the lies and bizarre life of David Jones, I’m expecting a Saint Hood when I snuff it.

So to continue page 5, of this real life Pinocchio’s statement starts with a whopper:

Jones says “Dylan Moore subsequently met with Guto Bebb” This much is true. Jones continues, “as a consequence of which Mr Bebb acknowledged that the information upon which he had relied when making his observations in the House, which had apparently been contained in a report prepared by Mr Michael Naughton, a private investigator from Mold was not robust”. This is a complete fabrication, as is what follows-Jones continues “Mr Bebb issued a full written apology to Dylan and made a statement in the house retracting the allegations against him”. Absolute poppycock Jones, Mr Bebb did nothing of the sort, he was forced to re-tract the bit about not having said about Dylan Moore’s involvement in that blog prior to his Commons speech, because the ever self indulgent and over ambitious Janet Finch Saunders, Tory AM for Aberconwy conspired with you Jones to inform Moore of the content of Mr Bebbs speech, which as a matter of professional courtesy Mr Bebb had supplied Finch Saunders with and should have been kept in the strictest confidence.
Mrs Finch Saunders could never be trusted again.
Jones continues to paint a terrible picture of that blogs victims including myself! he says: “Another comment was from an anonymous Twitter user @mrigglepiggleman naming me as an author of that blog” This is true @mrigglepiggleman was me and I did name Jones as an author/contributor, but the account was never anonymous!!
Jones continues: “Over the ensuing days a number of sinister comments appeared on various Twitter accounts including @welshpapa which I now know to be an account run by a man called Richard Windmill and also @mrllandudno. Now this is where Jones gets it wrong again, he always new @welshpapa was/is my personal account because my picture and name are on it, @mrigglepiggle man had my name and was only ever used in the pursuit of the authors behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. As for sinister comments from me well prove it Jones, I have only ever spoken the truth, in addition I have not a clue who runs the account @mrllandudno.
Jones continues: “There were suggestions that local journalists were also involved in the blog” Jones knows full well there were, the now retired Journalist Ruby Williams regularly authored/contributed as did Tom Davidson and Jez Hemmings, this was admitted to another local reporter recently by Nigel Roberts himself, I have proof.
I do hope you challenge me in court Jones, I will make you a laughing stock.
Jones continues: “I suspected that a man called Adrian Eyglesheim was involved in certain of these Twitter accounts because he is an active internet user and is notorious for making unpleasant comments on the internet”.
Now Jones this I find both amusing and disturbing, when I was being attacked by that blog the authors created a Twitter account in the name of @adrianeagle, they stole Mr Eyglesheim’s details including his photograph as shown:
After that I reieved a tweet from non other than Nigel’s Good mate and fellow Mason @jonathanharty, “saying that he knows this Eyglesheim character, he’s a well known internet troll from Penrhyn bay, would you like me to give him a slap”.
I never responded nor did I know who was who at that time, but could you imagine the repercussions if I had sort this Eyglesheim and acted in response to the awful content of that Twitter account?
I do believe that’s what the authors were hoping for, fortunately I don’t share their mentality.
Since the fall of that troll blog I have met Mr Eygleshiem, he is a member of VOO and confirmed that the Twitter account was false and that he had gone through a long drawn out process with Twitter to prove the account was not his, in fact Twitter proved it belonged to the same people who operated the @thoughtsofoscar Twitter account.
Would you like proof Jones?
At the bottom of page five Jones talks about my request to his office for a meeting with him he, also confirms he telephoned me.
All this is true, but what Jones emits to say is that he spent forty minutes on the phone to me trying to convince me of his non involvement with that blog, why? Jones looks down on people like me and if he were innocent he would tell me to go away and prove it, any one reading this could only agree.

More tomorrow.