Nigel Roberts The Internet Troll…..

Part 1,

‘What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive’! I have always seen a lot of sense in that quote.

Nigel Roberts the internet troll from Nigel Roberts news agents in Llandudno and the troll blog published by him over seven years was not only protected by North Wales police but used by the very same, as a way of feeding  information back and forth.

Between 2007 – 2014 North Wales police denied any knowledge of this horrible troll blog and of its authorship.

Chief Superintendent and Freemason Simon Humphrey’s denied all knowledge of the authorship many times over the years, in fact the latest I am aware of was in 2013.

Chief Superintendent Simon Humphrey’s is a bloody liar.

Here is an extract from an e-mail written and sent late last year, by the internet troll Nigel Roberts.

I keep asking the same questions, what are North Wales police trying to cover up?

We know certain things which help to make sense of the mess created by the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and it’s authors:

We know MP for Clwyd West David Ian Jones was a regular author/contributor to that troll blog and a Freemason.

We know that Nigel Roberts of Nigel Roberts Newsagents in Llandudno was the sole publisher to the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ and a Freemason.

We also know that that troll blog was created by Nigel Roberts & his late father Paul, the name for the blog came from Paul Roberts dog ‘Oscar’.

We know that Dylan Moore a partner at David Jones solicitors on Trinity Square in Llandudno helped author/contribute to that blog in several ways!

His main duty was to act as a buffer, information would be given to him, whether it came from Jones or whoever is unimportant, then he would pass it on to his then client Nigel Roberts.

We cannot say for sure that Moore is a Freemason.

We know that Ruby Williams retired Journalist was a very active contributor and supporter of that troll blog, as per the above comment she left last year on the closed page of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’.

She is also an active Lady Freemason.

Ruby is also a lover of red wine, (nothing wrong with that) and after a couple of bottles she loves to make  late night abusive phone calls. As per our recording of her ‘Ranting Ruby’.

We Know Chris Drew, ex member of the police commission and friend to Chief Superintendent Simon Humpheys, was an early contributor/author of the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, but also an avid supporter of the same.

Ex Freemason and Rotarian.

 We know Steve ‘Rico’ Davies good friend to Nigel Roberts and active internet troll, has assisted Roberts both with the authorship of ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ & the publishing and authorship of their latest troll blog CSI Llandudno.

This man can only be described as undesirable, back in the 80’s he used golf balls with nails hammered in them to throw at opposing football fans during matches and since the advent of the internet he has used, amongst other names the pseudonym Trojan for his trolling activities.

Here we have Steve Dickens, former school mate to Roberts, the two have remained good friends, Dickens was used by Roberts to intimidate anyone who tried to discover the identity of those behind the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’. As was the case of the late Jonathan Williams who after being threatened by Dickens on behalf of Roberts, took his own life.

I should correct one thing, I believe these days Dickens is non to happy with Roberts, due to the fact that Roberts rubbished him last year while he was on remand for rape (consequently he was found not guilty) on the new troll blog Roberts created after the demise of ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, called ‘Llandudno Malice in Wonderland’.

As has been proved many times in the past Roberts cares not who he trolls (using anonymity), just ask Geoff Lofthouse!!

We know Chief Superintendent Simon Humphrey’s denied all knowledge of the blog during its seven year reign of hurt and abuse.

We also know that to be a complete lie.

But then again he is a Freemason…..

We Know Inspector Ian Verburg had full knowledge of that blog and its authors as far back as 2009, yet to all those of us that complained to the police he denied all knowledge.

This man is also a Freemason and a liar.

We are at this moment not to sure how involved  DS John Hanson is but are convinced he has had some involvement.

When North Wales Police in September of last year were ordered to investigate the troll blog ‘Thoughts of Oscar’, Hanson oversaw what turned out to be the most unprofessional and ineffective police investigation you could ever read about.

Neither him or his DC, Chris Walsh interviewed the self confessed sole author, Nigel Roberts, they never sort any other information than that provided to them by the the blogs victims. They have this new fancy cyber crimes unit, but did not use it to recover the archives of either the blog or its associated Twitter account.

We have since discovered that the blog was never deleted just made private, so with that in mind they could very easily have obtained a warrant to seize all of Nigel Roberts computers etc.

All this can be clarified in a recorded interview I had with Hanson and Walsh, that recording will be made public at the right time.

So let me ask again what are North Wales police trying to keep quiet?

Apart from me!!!

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